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The Male Marilyn Monroe, Trashiest Film of the Year & Taylor Kitsch’s Multiple Failures

The Male Marilyn Monroe, Trashiest Film of the Year & Taylor Kitsch's Multiple Failures

In NYMag’s The Year in Film: A Collection of mini-riffs, they cover some important topics that made headlines in 2012–like Nicole Kidman peeing on Zac Efron and the Top Two Films of the Year That Involved Someone Riding Through a City in a Stretch Limo (1. “Holy Motors” and 2. “Cosmopolis”).

They also consider the tragedy of the “romantic lead trapped in an action hero’s body,” Taylor Kitsch:

“At the start of 2012, Taylor Kitsch, the ‘Friday Night Lights’ star, seemed destined for glory. Then came ‘John Carter,’ which crash-landed. Next up: ‘Battleship,’ a movie based on a board game that played out as if it were based on a Michael Bay acid trip. A starring role in Oliver Stone’s ‘Savage’s failed to salvage this disastrous run. And just like that, a promising career seemed to lay in ruin.”

The modern day Marilyn Monroe (male version), and People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Channing Tatum:

“it is surely obvious — even objectively provable — that Tatum, with his reversible name and his box-office potency, is the leading Sex Symbol of our times. He is the male Marilyn Monroe.”

And the trashiest film of the year:

“‘The Paperboy’ embraces everything the year’s more tasteful films carefully avoided: lust, sex and all the mad desires that guide (or misguide) so many of our actions. In fact, despite — or maybe because of — all its sex, silliness, madness and jellyfish, ‘The Paperboy’ may have been the year’s least cynical film. It’s trash, yes. But it’s trash you can believe in.”

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Do you know what the funniest thing is? How many stars have we seen playing not that successful movies and later on turning their career prospectives into a very successful and positive. Nowadays doing just fine [Keanu Reeves for example]
Well, I am pretty sure that Taylor Kitsch doesn't need to be showing his ass and playing a stripper on a movie in order to be seen as talented artist. He doesn't need to go all this way in order to make his career a success.
I always say: don't underestimate people… sooner or later those Fuc* who just right now are saying so many bad things about taylor this year will be very sorry and kissing his ass afterwards.
To be an artist you need to have guts and take risks and that's what Taylor is doing now.
His just trying to show what he can do, he wants to have his chances.
Because most directors and screen-players fuck up on their own made up story for a movie. Should the actors get the blame because of these directors failures?
I don't think so!


Channing Tatum, Monroe!! Get the F… out of here before I unleash the gods of hollywood on your tired journalist ass! How could someone be so, so wrong about Tatum then go on to be so right about Paperboy?

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