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The New ‘Scarface’ Will Reportedly Be Mexican & The Film Set Among Drug Cartels

The New 'Scarface' Will Reportedly Be Mexican & The Film Set Among Drug Cartels

Oh right, the “Scarface” remake/reboot/whatever. This has been percolating in a slow cooker: first announced in the fall of 2011 with David Ayer hired to write the first draft, and nearly a year later, the project got some fresh blood as “Donnie Brasco” scribe Paul Attanasio came on to pen a new script. But other details on the project remained under lock and key, most notably, just how this film would differ from the 1932 and 1983 movies. Well, it seems we now know.

Latino Review is reporting that Tony Montana will be Mexican this time around and the story will take place among the drug cartels. No word yet on the Italian-American actor who will play him. We kid!  But this is kind of dull and uninspired to a certain degree. We guess it fits among the franchise template or whatever, so on that level it makes sense. And certainly, the world of Mexican drugs right now is as topical as it is frightening, so perhaps this will be a bit more grim than the playfully over-the-top Brian De Palma film which traded on ’80s excess to a whole new degree? Maybe.

No official word on if this is really how it will shake out, so we’ll just have to wait and see. But does this make you any more or less excited for a “Scarface” redo? Let us know below.

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"its okay, she'll be back


Dude think about it if they make a son of scarface that would be awesome as hell! It would make since to, because in the movie it never showed scarfaces wife dying. To me that would be an awesome movie. I could see scarfaces son maybe trying to avenge his fathers death and trying to go kill Sosa for killing his father. And on the way he makes friends and is trying to climb to the top just like his father did.

Miriam Lopez

Ok.. To me and i think im speaking for others here, Al Pacino IS TONY MONTANA!! I really dont think they should make another Scarface! Most remakes today are no good, and Im mostly worried that they will ruin this epic film! To me there is only one Scarface.. 1983 Scarface with Al Pacino, Steven Baur, etc! Im actually disapointed they wanna mess with this movie, they shouldnt be able to touch this!! I can already say.. Im not watching this "remake"!!

Spencer Christie

ey everybody loves a good gangster film based on the dark side of the American Dream especially with an emotional throwback sound track to go a long with each scene. And it’s a Universal production.. Universal can do anything they put their minds to.. that’s the magic of Universal.
It would obviously need to be original. So it’s not exactly a rendition of the film Scarface itself. Different story lines, possibly the mexican Cartel. It will influence and educate people on how brutal things are down there. And with an emotional soundtrack and a great cast you can definitely convey that message as well as portray the beauty of it in film and acting.

SC4RF4CE 2000

Rush Rush gimme yayo :)


Come on, leave THIS ONE alone!!!



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