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‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale A Ratings Smash

'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale A Ratings Smash

This past Sunday’s mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead was, not surprisingly, a huge ratings hit for the network.

The episode, written by Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman, was not only one of the best episodes of the series so far, but also the most intense and cringe-worthy to date, attracted 10.5 million viewers. 

While that was a slight decease from the 10.9 million viewers the show’s October premiere got, Sunday’s episode saw audience numbers up 58% compared to last season’s mid-season finale. 

The show actually beat all commercial broadcast and cable fare in the 18-49 demographic audience.

The show returns to AMC to finish out the season in February.

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1- In the comics Michonne communicates not really. So the authors are faithful about it.
2 – The authors wouldn't add the rape scene because it is a difficult subject to deal with.
3 – The Governor sent Merle to kill Michonne. Argument for this revenge.


I feel Michonne has been a disappointment so far and I'm not alone in that view. This is a commonly shared opinion in blogs and message boards. I blame most of this on the writing but part of the blame must be laid at the feet of the actress who is too one note so far in terms of her ever-present scowling. The comic version has more depth and I'm hoping/expecting that the writers of the show will eventually supply such debt to Michonne. But so far her contribution to the show has not justified all the media hype that accompanied her arrival. Her personal hatred for the Governor seems over the top. Yes, he sent men to kill her and I could understand her wanting revenge,. But to put Rick's crew in danger by vanishing without a word for some personal agenda? That didn't wash. If this had been the comic book version of Michonne who was raped by the Governor then I could better understand her vendetta. But since TPTB didn't go there on the show (which I understand), they can't justify her actions on this recent episode (waiting in his apartment for his return while the mission to free Maggie and Glen was still in play). And dammit she needs to talk to people. She always withholds information. She could have easily tried to fill in clueless Andrea regarding what was happening with Rick and that Glen and Maggie were captured. But she says nothing. That is simply terrible and lazy writing. As for the episode itself is was just okay. It wasn't close to being one of the series better efforts, it definitely wasn't the quality of the first three or four episodes of this season. And it gets one strike for killing off Oscar. There seems to be some rule that not more than one black guy can be part of the core characters at any one time. Oscar replaces T-Dog. Now Tyreese replaces Oscar.


Michonne & The Governors fight scene was the Frakin Best!!!


Michonne & The Governors fight scene was the Frakin Best!!!

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