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TNT Debuts Previews Of New Medical Drama Series ‘Monday Mornings’ (Starring Ving Rhames)

TNT Debuts Previews Of New Medical Drama Series 'Monday Mornings' (Starring Ving Rhames)

As previously noted, Ving Rhames is one of those dudes who just keeps working – in studio films, indie films, TV, even commercials (he’s pushing Buicks now).

And we’ll be seeing more of Rhames on TV in TNT’s new medical drama series titled Monday Mornings, from Emmy-winning writer-producer David E. Kelley and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, on whose book the project is based.

Ving Rhames stars in the drama, along with Alfred Molina, in a series which is set in a fictional Portland, OR hospital called Chelsea General, and follows the lives of doctors as they “push the limits of their abilities and confront their personal and professional failings.

The series uses as a backdrop, the hospital’s Monday Morbidity and Mortality conference, considered the most secretive meeting in all of medicine, where doctors gather for a confidential review of complications and errors in patient care.

Leading the staff at Chelsea General are Dr. Harding Hooten (Molina), the steely-eyed chief of surgery, and Dr. JorgeEl GatoVillanueva (played by Mr Rhames), the hospital’s trauma chief, described as a physically imposing former professional football player who now is the most celebrated trauma chief in the country.

So Marsellus Wallace is about to go medieval on some trauma room asses.

Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), Jennifer Finnigan (Better with You), Bill Irwin (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), Keong Sim (Glee), Sarayu Rao (Lions for Lambs) and Emily Swallow (Southland), round out the cast.

This should be a steady paycheck for Ving as TNT has picked up 10 episodes for a premiere on Monday, February 4, at 10 pm.

What 2 previews of the series below:

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Your Comment The Chicago Drama Queen approves this by leaps and bounds…, following Golden Globe winner, The sensational Idris Elba's Luther, Sci-fi started it off with Salli Richardson's hit special effects drama "Eureka, Jada Pinkett's medical drama Hawthorne, A driven Charge Nurse who was consumed by maintaing excellence in the field of medicine no matter the cost. leaving her personal life in shambles. Kerry Washington's "Scandal" showed a determined investigator who gets to the truth despite the complications and dangers surrounding washington D.C secrets and cover ups. Last but, never least nbc's Megan Good takes on the suspenseful undercover role to penetrate a well renown family and find who is murdering young women. if she's not careful she may uncover more then she's looking for in "Deception" My personal favorite, Gina Torres in usa "Suits" it's sheer perfection, absolutely delicious, genius, virtual and mental stimulating.


Sounds like an interesting take on the medical drama but does he really have to be a former nfl player?

D.C. Kirkwood

Luv me some Ving. Ill be tuning in. I like Perception that is also on TNT. TNT post the diseases and medical procedures that were acted out on the show after they air. So viewers can go back a research the medical procedures that the episodes are based on. I hope to see more shows like this.

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