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Trailers from Hell: Alan Spencer on Mel Brooks Classic ‘Young Frankenstein’

Trailers from Hell: Alan Spencer on Mel Brooks Classic 'Young Frankenstein'

Marty Feldman Week! concludes at Trailers from Hell with TV writer Alan Spencer introducing Mel Brooks’ laugh riot “Young Frankenstein” (pronounced “Fronk-en-steen,” of course!). Feldman plays bug-eyed Transylvanian servant Igor.

Mel Brooks’ affectionate comic homage to the Universal Frankenstein movies piles on every cliche and cartoony plot twist from the first five series entries, with appropriate attention paid to the original art direction and camera setups. When Columbia balked at the budget and black and white photography, Brooks took it to 20th Century-Fox. A boxoffice smash, later adapted into a Broadway musical.  For a later generation of kids, this is the only Frankenstein they’ve been exposed to.

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