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Tyler Perry Gets Sexually Provocative w/ 1st Trailer For ‘Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor’

Tyler Perry Gets Sexually Provocative w/ 1st Trailer For 'Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor'

One of at leat 3 Tyler Perry-branded movies that we’ll see in 2013, formerly titled The Marriage Counselor, is now called Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

The dramedy stars Jurnee SmollettLance GrossKim KardashianVanessa WilliamsRobbie JonesBrandy Norwood, and Ella Joyce.

The synopsis again reads:

The film tells the story of Judith, an Ivy League-educated relationship expert who makes her living dispensing marital advice, but is so bored with her own marriage that she breaks her professional code and cheats with a smooth talking client only to realize she has made a huge mistake.

Smollett will star as said marriage counselor “Judith,” while Gross will play her husband; Jones will play “smooth talking client” who has an affair with Smollett; Williams will play the owner of the firm where Smollett practices; Brandy will play Gross’ co-worker; and Kardashian will play Smollett’s friend and co-worker.

In Perry’s own words to HuffPoConfessions of a Marriage Counselor is “one of the most provocative movies” he’s made, “sexually and otherwise.

We’ll see just how provocative it is when the PG13-rated Atlanta-shot film hits theaters March 29th, 2013.

The film’s first poster was unveiled about 3 weeks ago.

And now we get our first look at the trailer below:

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Wow! People are asking why Kim was cast and why she received top billing! That's like asking black music artists why they do songs with Justin Timberlake or Joss Stone! Has anyone that asked THOSE questions ever tried promoting and marketing a film in Hollywood or anywhere? It's called show BUSINESS for a reason for people!


I think Tyler made a mistake, I think Smollett doesn't have the sex appeal to pull off this performance. I think this movie is going to be another disappointment for Perry.


I will watch the movie. I saw the stage play which was surprisingly good. However, what concerns me is up until now, you wouldn't know that Jurnee Smollett is the title character and LEAD ACTRESS. Why are we looking at Kim Kardashian's face? Smollett has earned and deserves much better (as do consumers) from those marketing this film.


Why is Kim getting higher billing than Vanessa or Robbie? Grrrr why is she in this movie?


This looks like typical Perry.


I'm def. interested in seeing this… Looks really really good. This reminds me of "Unfaithful" by Adrian Lyne… except TP's is younger and fresher.

Gigi Young

Just here for the biweekly anti-Tyler Perry chatter *popcorn gif*

Miles Ellison

Wow, that looks really terrible.


Jurnee's acting, Vanessa's accent, Robbie's swag, and Kimmy K's voice are ALL PEDESTRIAN. Next!


Jurnee's acting, Vanessa's accent, Robbie's swag, and Kimmy K's voice are ALL PEDESTRIAN. Next!


I guess TP doesn't know that her name is "Vanessa *L* Williams".


While I don't quite understand the poster image for the film (the branding doesn't gel with the film, looks like its for a documentary or something, not a romantic thriller), it actually appears to have a layer or two of substance. I believe Jurnee Smollett is an actress with some chops in the right role/film. From the trailer, I imagine that it is she that will carry the film in more ways than one. I may actually go the the theatre to see this one.


Jurnee Smollett's talent puts her in a class of an actress who has 40+ years of experience! She's darn good! And I love the fact that she's playing a role of this nature – something we have not seen her do.
But Tyler Perry, that decision of casting Khardasian…..just WOW! Her voice alone is a total turnoff! Then she opens up the trailer….
Man, I really wanted to see this film for the simple fact that Smollett is in it.

Dr Emmett Brown

Marty get in the delorean! I have to get my 2 minutes and 25 seconds back. Martyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Punch in 12/20/2012 6:55 so I can warn my future self. No that's my present self….wait….

Nope I'll Pass

I don't trust TP's trailers. I saw the stage play version and yes a woman will get hit (which happens in a good percentage of his work). I'll be absent for this one. Good luck to Jurnee and the rest of the cast tho.

Emmett Period

Kim K, will not see any money from me, not that she needs it….I'll Pass. TP really should have cast someone else, anybody else.


Nothing really intriguing. In fact, it seems like it should be a Lifetime film. Anyway, I'll catch it when it hits cable.


This looks a lot different from Perry's other works, but then again it looks really dramatic. I hope it doesn't end off horribly the way Daddy's Little Girls. I hope more of his works look like this in the future.

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