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Watch 10-Minute Preview Of ‘La Belle Vie: The Good Life’ (On Haiti’s Social Class System & More)

Watch 10-Minute Preview Of 'La Belle Vie: The Good Life' (On Haiti's Social Class System & More)

A documentary that the filmmaker (Rachelle Salnave) says is 4 years in the making (and is still in the making), titled La Belle Vie: The Good Life, which follows the filmmaker’s journey in discovering her Haitian roots, examining “the complexities of Haitian society,” but also chronicling “her voyage to find hope in this nation on the brink of a new Haiti.

Further still…

Using her own personal family stories interconnected with capturing the voices of Haitians and experts overall, this film chronologically uncovers the rational behind its social class system but also how it has affected the Haitian American migration experience as well. With the proliferation of political turmoil, poverty, and now an Earthquake shattered nation, La Belle Vie: The Good Life in the end beckons all to lay down their arms, be it the tangible weapons of death and pain or the psychological and spiritual tools of division and prejudice, and work as one to rebuild and prosper in the name of a new and stronger Haiti.

No ETA on when we can expect the completed work, although the film is currently in post-production; she shot over 60 hours of footage, which will be edited down to about 75 minutes.

I’d say a 2013 bow is most likely.

Salnave released a 10-minute preview of the film, highlighting familiar color and class issues, which is embedded below (h/t Afro-Europe):

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