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Watch 2 Reader-Submitted Short Films To Start Your Work Week…

Watch 2 Reader-Submitted Short Films To Start Your Work Week...

The first is a “dance film” from producer, writer, director Jamila Glass, (a filmmaker – USC grad – and a professional dancer herself), titled Love On A Sunday Afternoon.

Its synopsis reads:

This short film shares a day in the life of a young couple who experience the power and beauty of love between each other and among friends.

Jamila says that her goal in making the film was to “expand the view of Black dancers beyond our narrow portrayal in popular media;” it features Janelle Monae’s Say You’ll Go.

And the second is from Detdrich McClure, titled Jordan’s Walk – a post-Civil War drama, set in 1865, which, as the synopsis states…

… chronicles the journey of Jordan (Asante Jones) on the heels of the Civil War as he embarks on a long walk and encounters various people along the way.

So it’s a “road movie” of sorts.

Watch both short films below:

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blah, blah

The nerdy guy from Awkward Black Girl is in this. I think this is the second dance video I'd seen him in.


@Monkeysuit, sorry bro, the yellow tinge would be considered a "color grade" but if it was "color corrected" it wasn't a good pass.


I thoroughly enjoyed "Love on a Sunday afternoon". Great work Jamila, just make sure to color correct and color grade your footage. Looking forward to seeing your next work!

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