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Watch: Cheeky Musical Teaser for Pedro Almodovar’s Upcoming ‘I’m So Excited’ (VIDEO)

Watch: Cheeky Musical Teaser for Pedro Almodovar's Upcoming 'I'm So Excited' (VIDEO)

Following his first outright foray into thriller-horror territory with last year’s “The Skin I Live In,” Pedro Almodovar is letting loose with his upcoming comedy “I’m So Excited.” The first teaser for the Sony Pictures Classics release hit the web today and without giving an iota of plot away, it still manages to convey the fun, campy and irreverant tone Almodovar seems to be going for in his latest.

Recalling the colorful, frothy nature of his earlier comedies, the promo features three flamboyant flight attendants performing, you guessed it, The Pointer Sisters’ song of the title. The film centers on the plane’s passengers and crew who face a life-threatening situation. How this musical interlude fits in, we’re not so sure.

The film’s set to open in the UK on May 3. No US release date has been announced of yet. Watch the teaser below:

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