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Watch Christopher Judge In Trailer For ‘The Hobbit’ (Well… Sorta Yes And No…)

Watch Christopher Judge In Trailer For 'The Hobbit' (Well... Sorta Yes And No...)

Surprised right? But I’ll bet you didn’t know that a brother, Christopher Judge, was in The Hobbit?

Most of you will be familiar with him from the hit TV sci-fi series Stargate SG-1, on which he was a regular for 10 years; and he’s also appeared in dozens of TV and film roles over the past 22 years.

However, I have to confess that Im not talking about Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, but rather Joseph J. Lawson’s Age of The Hobbits – a straight-to-DVD release, produced by The Asylum production company, and which is scheduled to be released tomorrow.

Well maybe not…

Turns out that today, a California federal judge granted Warner Bros’ request to temporarily block the release of Age of the Hobbits, claiming that it will confuse film-goers with their $500 million, three-part The Hobbit series, the first installment of which opens this Friday.

The judge ruled that Warners had shown evidence of consumer association with their Hobbit, and though the studio “couldn’t claim exclusive rights to the fantastical images of swords, mythical creatures and the like… one is immediately struck by the similarity… and that the slight difference in titles isn’t enough to avoid confusion.”

The judge has set a January 28th date to decide whether this temporary restriction becomes permanent, which if he does, would force The Asylum to make changes in their film, including, one presumes, the title of the film.  

Needless to say, it wasn’t shot in 48fps.

In the meantime, at least, you can watch the trailer:

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Emil B. Garuba

Hehehe… The Asylum is at it again! No surprise, they have a history of releasing "mockbusters" (B-movie versions of blockbusters) and this is the first time I've heard someone throwing the book at their productions. Imagine my outrage when I went into Blockbuster video to rent SNAKES ON A PLAN (this was a while back) and walked out with SNAKES ON A TRAIN! Better believe I turned the car around and got a better look at the DVD case. Yep, it had Asylum written all over it. Check out other titles in their B-movie archive (and see if u can identify the originals they are based off on: TRANSMORPHERS, THE DAY THE EARTH STOPPED, I AM OMEGA, THE DA VINCI TREASURE, PRINCESS OF MARS, ALMIGHTY THOR, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES, and so many others.

The website:


I can't speak on the case but what kind of idiot would confuse or associate this with Peter Jackson's work. I guess there are a lot of idiots.


While I am a Christopher Judge fan, I am over joyed to learn that the film by Asylum was blocked from releasing. Asylum producers do not have an original thought amid the whole lot of them. Every release is a weak, B movie rip off! I can't see why they haven't had any legal actions taken against them for copyright infringement. I have been confused before…but since then.. I check the distibution to ensure that it does not say Asylum. Kudos Judge.

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