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Watch Episode 1 Of Keith Josef Adkins’ New SciFi Series ‘The Abandon’

Watch Episode 1 Of Keith Josef Adkins' New SciFi Series 'The Abandon'

Here’s the pilot episode for awarding-winning playwright and screenwriter Keith Josef Adkins sci-fi series called The Abandon.

You may recall Keith’s intro post over the summer, when he was trying to raise funds for the project… I thought I’d let him speak for himsef about The Abandon, as well as his motivation for making it; here’s an excerpt:

Although shows like Battlestar Galactica and the short-lived The 4400 intrigue and entertain, the amount of black and brown representation [in sci-fi] are usually limited.

And no, side-kicks and color-blind casting are not sufficient representation. I love sci-fi. I particularly like sci-fi that explores alien invasions. Ridley Scott’s Alien is one of my favorite films and I can watch it every day and never get bored. In my opinion, the film has the perfect mix of a singular alien encounter and the expendability of human life, all played out in that final (and often claustrophobic) frontier of space.

I also love horror, not slash for the sake of slash, but horror as in terror, as in stories where people are literally (and legitimately) fighting for their lives. Neil Marshall’s 2005 horror film The Descent is a perfect example of that. A group of women go on a caving expedition and discover creatures from the unknown and must fight for their lives and each other.

My idea was to shape a sci-fi/horror series that’s part Alien and part The Descent, where a group of black men discover they may be the last people of earth after an alien invasion.

The Abandon is my effort to see a group of smart black men handle an alien invasion. It’s that simple.

And months later, The Abandon has debuted, with the pilot episode, which launched at midnight last, and is embedded below for you to watch:

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Susie Producer

I liked the pilot very much but I thought it was too long as a web episode. Web episodes are generally 5 to 7 minutes each. I thought they could have broken the pilot up into two part about 7-8 minutes each (in other words, episode 1 & episode 2). Now everyone's gonna be expecting about 15 minutes every episode. I doubt they have the budget to keep that kind of momemtum. I hope they generate enough youtube ad income from ONLY ONE EPISODE to make it to the next episode. And I also hope they didn't blow all 8 grand from the kickstarter fundraising site on the pilot. Now it's been two months and we are still waiting for the next episode. What's up with that? P.S. I thought the inside car shot was kinda claustophic. That car was way too small for four grown a** men. Dudes, shoot with a SUV or truck next time.

Vashti Swan

Congratulations Keith on creating an interesting sci-fi film. I'm impressed with the actors and I'm looking forward to the next episode. You make me proud.


Nice work Keith! I love that the characters have baggage which they're bringing into this unpredictable situation and foreign experience they are having. It makes it all the more interesting. Looking forward to episode 2.

Kibibi Monie'

"Abandon" written and directed by Keith Adkins is great. I look forward to seeing it on the BIG Screen. Thanks Keith you make me very proud of you and your work! The actors were off the hook, they did a great job!

Kibibi Monie'


Sooooo…. I only got as far as the 7:00 minute mark. WWWWHHHHATAAT!!!! LOOVVE IT! SO PROUD OF THESE GUYS! Heck Yeah to 3-Dimensional characters!!!

willie dynamite

This is what I'm talking about! These are the kind of web series S and A should be pushing. Keith thank you for creating something that other filmmakers can look at to serve as a standard. It is evident that you care about the craft. This s is really inspiring. Acting on point, sci-fi concept, shooting style, 3 dimensional characters, tension building, and most importantly, a cast of BLACK ALPHA MALES!!!… KUDOS to you and your team. Looking forward to the next episode.

m. scott

Long time fan of black speculative fiction. Wow is a start. This has great potential I hope it finds financing and an audience. I've been re-reading Octavia Butler ( in the middle of Parable of the Sower). This lets me know Octavia's trail is still being burned. I wish you much success. I found this through Tanarive Due's FB page. I highly recommend a FB page if there isn't one…


This is hot! I will definitely support this. One of the best looking web series I have seen touted by S&A.


Nice work. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes.


Not bad. Enjoyed the set up that these are not idiots by any stretch & they avoided the normal "let's sit here & talk" crap, that is until they decided to sit there & talk LOL In the latter half, once they reached the house, the tension did fall out & the issue with the cheating/revenge felt a bit rushed, like maybe 2 eps, but it was not bad. Look forward to seeing the next ep.


"Can't leave Jeff!" *Monster roars, everybody runs* reality in comparison to white scifi and horror. Loved that part! Lol.

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