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Watch: Sofia Coppola’s 1998 Short Film ‘Lick The Star’

Watch: Sofia Coppola's 1998 Short Film 'Lick The Star'

If there has been one common thread throughout Sofia Coppola‘s films to date, it’s that they have focused on the stories of young women who are often engaged in some kind of act of rebellion. This can be traced all the way back to her pre-feature days, with her short films.

The interwebs has coughed up the director’s 1998 fourteen minute effort “Lick The Star.” Featuring a cameo by Peter Bogdanovich, camera work by Lance Acord (whom she would work with again on “Lost In Translation” and “Marie Antoinette“), and the music of The Go-Gos, The Amps, Free Kitten and more, the story centers on four girls who are led by their “queen bee” to poison the boys at their school. Shot in black and white, it’s an early look at the style Coppola would develop and evolve in her later pictures. So, if you’ve got a coffee break coming up, this one is worth a quick spin. Watch below.

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I saw this for the first time on the Independent Film Channel, but then stopped watching television for awhile. Returned years later to find IFC playing commercials. When the commercials ended, it was an episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

This Cinematic Life

When Craig met Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze back in the summer of 2000, he had seen Being John Malkovich, he had not seen The Virgin Suicides. So as to have something nice to say to Sofia as well as Spike, he mentioned that he had seen Lick The Star on Bravo (back when they showed short films and Twin Peaks re-runs). Sofia was thankful but encouraged him to see The Virgin Suicides as it was much better. She was right.

Travis Hopson

They used to show this all the time on IFC and I loved it. Nice to see it again after all these years.

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