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Watch: TCM Remembers 2012 RIPs

Watch: TCM Remembers 2012 RIPs

An annual tradition for the cable TV network… it's also an annual tradition that a few names that should've been included, aren't.

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan, Al Freeman Jr., Sherman HemsleyGil Noble, Günther KaufmannDick Anthony Williams, and Whitney Houston. Who else did I forget?

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Does anyone know who the artist/band and song is for the background music for this rememberance tribute?


Don't even get me started. Donna Summer, Sherman Hemsley, Richard Dawson, Professional baseball player Sammi Kane Kraft, Dick Clark, Don Grady, and Ron Palillo AKA Horshack.
They can do so much better.


Very well done and poignant. But totally agreed re: the omissions of Sherman, Donna and Don. Its still unreal to see Whitney in these tributes. Also didn't know Lupe Ontiveros passed this year, very funny lady.


Thanks for posting – I wouldn't have seen it, otherwise. I could have done without half of the filler, though – why didn't they just make the clips of the people longer?? And added the ones they left out, too, of course. You know, Al Freeman Jr, Whitney Houston and Michael Clarke Duncan are included in the montage. Really idiotic to leave out Sherman Helmsley – and a shame to forget Dick Anthony Williams and Gunther Kaufmann. (maybe Gil Noble doesn't count because he was a journalist, which supposedly isn't part of the "entertainment" industry, even though we all know it is) RIP.



James Madison

Good stuff. Along with Tambay's list I would add – Jamaa Fanaka – Director, Donna Summer – Singer, songwriter, actor, and Don Cornelius – Producer (TV/Radio)



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