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Watch the Worst Movies of the Year Review Themselves

Watch the Worst Movies of the Year Review Themselves

From and editor Avaryl Halley, this fun and surprisingly thorough supercut of 2012 movies, including “Man on a Ledge,” “That’s My Boy,” “Battleship,” “A Thousand Words,” “The Lucky One,” and many more, all reviewing themselves harshly.

Hey, these terrible movies were actually pretty good film critics! Though I can’t say I noticed any of these specific examples at the time, I’ve picked up on this phenomenon before. Often in really terrible movies, I’ll spot lines of dialogue that seem more about covertly acknowledging their lack of quality (or even apologizing for it) than furthering the terrible, pointless plot. It doesn’t necessarily make the pain go away, but at least it’s nice to know that someone is sorry for the hurt they’ve inflicted.

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Awesome video but strongly disagree wth half of those movies. Most of them are either decent, good or guilty pleasures.

Good: American Reunion (I am a fan of the franchise so maybe that's why but still this was hilarious).

Decent: The Watch, That's My Boy (could be because i'm a Sandler fan), Casa de mi Padre, Man on A Ledge & John Carter.

Guilty Pleasures: Battleship, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, This Means War & Total Recall (I love Kate Beckinsale).


Isn't that also a common review trope/snowclone for bad films?

Something along the lines of: "At some point in 'Bad Movie A', Character X says: 'This is a bad idea.' He speaks for the whole audience at this point."

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