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Watch: Trailer For ‘Age Of The Hobbits’ That A Federal Judge Thinks You’ll Mistake For ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’

Watch: Trailer For 'Age Of The Hobbits' That A Federal Judge Thinks You'll Mistake For 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'

Brands and franchises are lucrative properties, and considering how much they mean to the bottom line of a studio, it’s no doubt they have teams of lawyers working around the clock to protect anything that might harm or impair the boatloads of money they’ll make. And sometimes that zeal just gets plain ridiculous.

So here we have a California federal judge temporarily blocking the release of “Age Of The Hobbits” because of “the majority of factors weigh in favor of a finding of likelihood of confusion.” Okay, is The Asylum production banking on the association of the word “hobbits” to help sell their movie, which was slated to hit tomorrow? Well, duh. Are the few people who impulsively buy anything with the word “hobbit” going to feel hoodwinked? Sure. Is any normal, rational person with a brain going to confuse this cheapie production with the $200 million, 3 hour epic, digi-fest of Peter Jackon‘s “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey“? Fuck, no.

Seriously, just look at this trailer. It’s just a bunch of people in some caveman gear throwing spears at each other. This marks a grave threat to ‘An Unexpected Journey’? And oh wait, there’s a pretty shitty CGI dragon in here too. Can’t we even have some mercy for Bai Ling who has to star in this thing? Anyway, watch for yourself below and enjoy what Hollywood is protecting you from. Or something. 

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Having worked at Blockbuster for a few years a while back, I can say YES, there are definitely people who would have thought this was The Hobbit. I had similar things happen all the time with similarly titled movies or remakes or sequels, etc.

Duder NME

What if it was called "Age of the Halflings"?


Bai Ling?
Count me in. This will probably be more entertaining than the Hobbit. Also, I guess they cast Asians to sell well in China? That's good news. Means we'll get more Asians in Hollywood now.


you guys are pretty harsh on this trailer actually. sure, i dont believe "hobbits" will be awesome, but i really didnt see anything terrible on display. if it were produced by peter jackson you'd be falling all over yourselves for that 2 second shot of a dragon.


all the judge has to do is force them to put Bai Ling's name above the title and there will be NO confusion about this film

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