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Watch Trailer For New Stacey Dash Comedy Show ‘Normal’

Watch Trailer For New Stacey Dash Comedy Show 'Normal'

OK. You’re an actress who got dumped from your last TV show, Single Ladies. And then you got replaced in a film you were making due to “creative differences”.

And then there was that whole “Mitt Romney is my guy” thing, which REALLY didn’t over go well, and made you a laughing stock.

So what is Stacey Dash going to do? Where do you go from here?  A Playboy spread? Been there, done that. Might as well create your own comedy series called Normal.

So here’s the trailer for Dash’s new scripted series. No word yet as to further details about the show. Most likely, it’s a pilot made in the hopes of it being picked up, or perhaps it’s intended for a web series on the internet.

Any further details about it, we’ll let you now.

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Cursing doesn't equal funny. They have to actually write something.


Um. This looks horrible.


The project appears to be as ill-conceived and unappealing as her recent endorsement of Mitt Romney.


You know as bad as it was, it would only take a little tweaking to make it a awesome. It could be something in the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


The sad thing is…..the acting is so bad that I can't tell whether this is supposed to be a parody or if she's serious.


Well, if she performs a striptease act during every episode, I'll consider tuning in.


What….I am so confused. This so loos really stupid and weird.


She's lost her fan base.

Johnnie MD

No. I did not find this funny at all.


So basically she is playing herself…a cunt. Got it.

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