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Watch: Vincent Gallo Confronts British Critics About ‘Buffalo ’66’ On UK Show ‘MovieTalk’

Watch: Vincent Gallo Confronts British Critics About 'Buffalo '66' On UK Show 'MovieTalk'

As the cinematic year draws to a close, one of the more curious scenes to behold within it found Julie Delpy integrating multi-hyphenate artist Vincent Gallo into the inspirational third act of her film “2 Days in New York.” Not just because Gallo has remained somewhat quiet on the film scene lately, but more due to the absence of his sharp, slightly caustic sensibilities. Well, look no further for a reminder of those qualities.

In a discussion based around the film critic’s responsibilities and purpose, a vintage episode of UK talk show “MovieTalk” took an interesting crack at the topic by allowing three newspaper reviewers to discuss Gallo’s “Buffalo ’66,” before bringing in the director himself to confront the critics as a surprise guest. And boldly dressed in a blue USA jumpsuit, Gallo indeed rises to the challenge, subtly insulting all three critics before putting forth his personal vision of singular work: “Leaders are people who take you where you don’t want to go, and I feel a lot of filmmakers are more interested in what they think that people want.”

While bordering occasionally on hostility from all parties, the chat remains lively and perceptive throughout, posing an interesting dynamic not usually seen face to face between filmmakers and critics. Also, Gallo is just pure entertainment. Watch below.

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Jane Howard

Vincent Gallo is smart, sensitive, talented, handsome and very very funny. Most of all he is SEXY


i posted a new link on youtube, my old one got deleted.


What a glorious asshole! Gallo's rude, arrogant, sexist and all-round dickish, but he's also got interesting ideas about fim criticism, especially critics making lazy references to other films and filmmakers.


Don't make movies unless you can handle criticism. Simple.


I wish Gallo would share Promises Written in Water with the world.


Gallo somewhat comes off as the asshole here (surprise surprise). 2 out 3 of those critics actually had nice things to say about his film! And he just comes off as defensive and somewhat rude for no apparent reason.


Vincent gallo's voice is just like the camera guy on Bangbus


Vincent Gallo is the best.

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