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Weekend B.O. Dec. 14-16 (‘The Hobbit’ of course)

Weekend B.O. Dec. 14-16 ('The Hobbit' of course)

Of course The Hobbit was going to be the big winner this weekend. The only question was, by how much. Well this much…

The Hobbit had the biggest December weekend opening for any film ever, pulling in $84,775,000 million.

It beat the previous record holder –  Will Smith’s I Am Legend, which made $77.2 million on its opening weekend. You know, that film that had CGI cartoon vampires because the $150 million production budget just wasn’t enough to hire a bunch of actors in zombie makeup, and yet The Walking Dead did it every week for a just a tiny fraction of that budget (Sorry but that always annoyed me about Legend, and I had to get it off my chest).

Here’s the week’s list:

1) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey WB $84,775,000
2) Rise of the Guardians P/DW $7,420,000 Total: $71,362,000
3) Lincoln BV $7,244,000 Total: $107,898,000
4) Skyfall Sony $7,000,000 Total: $272,366,000
5) Life of Pi Fox $5,400,000 Total: $69,559,000
6) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Sum. $5,175,000 Total: $276,865,000
7) Wreck-It Ralph BV $3,273,000 Total: $168,779,000
8) Playing for Keeps FD $3,247,000 Total: $10,838,000
9) Red Dawn FD $2,394,000 Total: $40,889,000
10) Silver Linings Playbook Wein. $2,084,000 Total:$16,954,000
11) Flight Par. $1,940,000 Total: $89,448,000
12) Argo WB $1,145,000 Total: $104,930,00

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Justin W

I checked out Silver Linings Playbook last night and it was a good film with a couple of minor flaws. Sucks to see that it's not doing so well in the BO, but I guess it might make up with the Oscar push it probably going to get.

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