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Weekend B.O. Dec. 28-30 (Who’s On Top?)

Weekend B.O. Dec. 28-30 (Who's On Top?)

Since Christmas it’s been a three way battle between Les Miserables, Django Unchained and The Hobbit, with Les Miz coming out in front at first. Then The Hobbit raced up to the front position, while Django and Les Miz were battling out, tooth and nail, neck and neck, for second place.

And the winner this weekend is…The Hobbit.

Django came in second, and Les Miz third, even though that film has a slightly higher total than Django due to that strong  Christmas day opening – $18 million compared to Django’s $15.5 million opening. Still, that is the highest opening for an R rated film during the Christmas film season ever.

But most people are surprised by the very strong b.o. performance of Django, which is getting very strong buzz and, of course, controversy never hurts.

Film analyst and critic Erik Childress, who has a solid reputation about box office numbers, and appears every week on WCIU-TV Chicago giving his b.o. predictions, says that Django could be the No. 1 film next week, and could very well hit $150 million domestically, making it the biggest box office hit of Quentin Tarantino’s career, surpassing his previous biggest all time b.o. hit Inglorious Basterds, which grossed $120.5 million domestically.

And the overseas market for Django, in Europe, South America and especially Japan, where Django opens on March 1, and where Tarantino has a strong, avid following, even appearing in TV commercials there, could make Django the biggest grossing Tarantino film in foreign markets, as well once again surpassing Basterds.

Here’s this weekend’s B.O. list:

1) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey WB $32,920,000 Total : $222,703,000
2) Django Unchained Wein. $30,688,000 Total :$64,008,000
3) Les Miserables Uni. $28,027,000 Total : $67,466,000
4) Parental Guidance Fox $14,800,000 Total :$29,589,000
5) Jack Reacher Par. $14,010,000 TotaL ;$44,661,000
6) This Is 40 Uni. $13,186,000 Total :$37,116,000
7) Lincoln BV $7,509,000 Total :;$132,039,000
8) The Guilt Trip Par. $6,700,000 Total :$21,102,000
9) Monsters, Inc. (3D) BV $6,363,000 TotaL ;$18,490,000
10) Rise of the Guardians P/DW $4,900,000 Total :$90,230,000
11) Skyfall Sony $4,600,000 Total :$289,600,000
12) Silver Linings Playbook Wein. $4,110,000 Total :$27,361,000

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All this anger toward Django. I remember another blog that blasted 'Think like a man.' Then I went to see it and it was a pretty good movie. I'm looking forward to avatar 2 and the scuffles about how the Na'vi are blue slaves.


@ Chris AKA Uncle Remus nephew
I guess you don't get the irony in your OWN comment? How did you learn to call people black people"niggas"? The difference between you and me I never thought I was a "nigga" and surely would not refer to black people as one. Your coonery is of epic portions. It must physically hurt to coon that hard.
If your Black Pride has to come via a white mans' imagination I guess you have to get in where you fit in. The only problem is with this transmission it teaches you to call black people niggas.
Sucks, huh?
DCoon on… the D is silent



S&A looks like one of your members is mad because Django is living up to the hype. Did they really think people of all races was not going to see one of the best films of the year.


@ Sergio
So I should assume he practiced calling you the n word you since you were knee high.
@ Coontastic Carl should stop the buck dancing you are wearing out your Christmas day shoes
@ Alan inglorious bastards did Almost 40 million opening weekend, stop trying to act like this is groundbreaking
Q is the the Eminem of movies

Y'all funny


First great reviews from Critcs and then great word of mouth and now a big boxoffice. Django lived up to the hype. Looking forward to Killer Crow.


@ Sergio
I do know and I think you are wrong.
What I do know is shadow act has become all things Quentin to the point I think you guys are getting paid to promote it.
Matter of fact your review was probably written before you saw it.
You go off if you want, but you haven't shown once of objectivity from the start.
Now, that's what I do know.

Fo Real

Word of mouth?
Dude that movie had a budget promotion bigger than the
Last 10 movies.
LMAO @ you trying to act like its a independent movie.
Django was promoted everywhere.


So happy for Django. Love when great films do great at the boxoffice. Word of mouth is outstanding.


So happy for Django. Love when great films do great at the boxoffice. Word of mouth is outstanding.

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