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“We’re Going To Have To Sort This One Out”: Terry Gilliam Says He Has Sent A Letter To Johnny Depp About ‘Don Quixote’

"We're Going To Have To Sort This One Out": Terry Gilliam Says He Has Sent A Letter To Johnny Depp About 'Don Quixote'

Uh oh, is the bromance between Johnny Depp and Terry Gilliam fracturing? The pair, who teamed on “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” and “The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus” (with the actor stepping in along with Jude Law and Colin Farrell when Heath Ledger passed away during production) have famously been trying to mount “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” for years. The initial attempt was beset by all variety of disasters, chronicled in the documentary “Lost In La Mancha,” and it’s pretty much been Gilliam’s baby, a movie he’s been trying to get back on the horse with for years, but late last week Depp stole his thunder.

On Friday it was revealed that the actor has set up his own “Don Quixote” movie at Disney that he will produce, a modern “re-imagining” written by Steve Pink (“Hot Tub Time Machine“) and Jeff Morris (Black List script “True Memoirs Of An International Assassin“). Of course, the immediate question is whether Gilliam knew about it, and it appears he didn’t. HeyUGuys and RedCarpetNewsTV caught up with director at the British Independent Film Awards last night (winners right here) and when asked about the project, he simply said “We’re going have to sort this one out.” He added that the project “is [Depp’s] horse,” and separate from his own, however he’s sent him a letter about it to see what the deal is.

Of course, Depp can set up a “Don Quixote” project if he wants to, though it does seem a bit cold to do so without giving Gilliam a ring first even if only to give him a heads up. At any rate, Gilliam is busy at is, recently wrapping on “The Zero Theorem,” revealing June is his deadline to get it completed, adding that the movie feels like an autumn release. So festival circuit next fall? It sure seems that way.

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Guess what…I dont give a steaming pile of sh!t. Not one steaming sh!t pile. I like Gilliam and Depp. Depp shoulda called him and Gilliam shouldnt be all too bothered and appreciate what he has in the Industry. I have to practically have a seperate career to live in LA and pay my fee to become SAG. I cant get an audition to save my life and I even had a movie just premiere at the Egyptian. I wanted to read for Dean Moriarty and didnt even get to play my hand. THank God, the movie is clearly not the masterpiece I had hoped it would be. I dont want to hear any BS about Hollywood bickering. My interest in the whole Hollywood lot is diminishing quite fast for its lack of storytelling. Im about finished caring. ha


He is such a drama queen!


Who cares about what Gilliam thinks? Quixote isn't precisely "his baby", the story has been there for centuries. Also I've read several times Gilliam bashing Johnny's decisions and life, very openly and very harsh to do "publicly" if he says he's his friend. So maybe, Johnny on his "right" doesn't want that "kind" of "friendship" anymore!

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