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Your Black Cinema Highs And/Or Lows Of 2012… Chime In

Your Black Cinema Highs And/Or Lows Of 2012... Chime In

You've seen our "Best Of The Year In Black Cinema" (if not, read that post HERE). And now, we'd like to know what YOUR own lists look like, no matter where you are in the world! 

They can be films you saw at the theater, at film festivals, film screening series, in a college classroom, a church, on cable TV, on DVD, VOD, on the web, etc, etc, etc.

The ONLY catch is that the films have to have been released OR screened publicly for the first time, in 2012. So, no films that were released or screened in 2011, or before, even if you're only just seeing them for the very first time yourself.

Got it? Good. 

What were you black cinema "highs" (or, if you prefer, "lows") for the year?

Dig in…

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Honestly, I love Ice Cube in 21 Jump Street. It plays the angry black captain role in a comical way, knowing that he's playing the role so he turns it up to the fullest.

Gary C..

My high was Beasts Of The Southern Wild. It was great seeing black actors in such an imaginative and creative story. My low was Red Tails. I had such high hopes being as I saw this as litmus test for us going forward in Hollywood where we had a black cat in a big buffet action film. The movie was god awful. From the shallow characters, bad dialogue, predictable action and bad acting. I tried three different times to watch it but had to walk away from it that embarrassment but forced myself to finish on the fourth try so I could accurately critique it.


My fave Black Films for 2012.

1) Middle of Nowhere
2) The Last Fall
3) Marley
4) Wolf
5)Black Butterfly
6) Flight
7) The Announcement
8) Central Park Five
9) Doing It In The Park: NYC Playground Basketball
10) Ganglands and Glitterboys


If we're going based on films about Black culture and people (not necessarily by Black filmmakers:)

Beasts of Southern Wild
Middle of Nowhere
Yelling To The Sky
The Sapphires
Central Park Five
Chico & Rita
*Chris Tucker's performance in Silver Linings Playbook

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