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20 New Images From ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ Likely Won’t Resell You On The ‘Die Hard’ Franchise

20 New Images From 'A Good Day To Die Hard' Likely Won't Resell You On The 'Die Hard' Franchise

 The “Die Hard” series is sort of akin to Nickelback or the Dave Matthews Band. No one admits to listening to these bands, but clearly someone is buying their music. Likewise, the “Die Hard” franchise has been pretty much irrelevant since the second film (which wasn’t very good either), but still, the series has grossed $1.1 billion worldwide so far. However, even domestically the films are hardly gigantic money draws. The highest grossing “Die Hard” film to date is “Live Free or Die Hard,” which earned $134 million in 2007, but coupled with the international markets, this is apparently still enough to keep the series going (domestically the series has grossed $435 million so far).

A fifth installment, “A Good Day To Die Hard,” is due next month, and it looks like, well, another “Die Hard” film. Perhaps the one difference is that Willis has a son (played by Aussie Jai Courtney) and the series could ostensibly position itself on handing over the mantle to him one day. But old habits, er, die hard, and like “Mission: Impossible” and “Indiana Jones,” rather than actively hand over the series to a younger player, these films go the sitcom route and introduce a new child character who’s a thorn in the parents’ side. But what do we know? Clearly some people are going to turn out in droves for this one. It just might not be us or our audience (stranger things have happened though).

Directed by John Moore (“Behind Enemy Lines“), this fifth film in the franchise stars Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Yulia Snigir, Cole Hauser, Amaury Nolasco, Megalyn EchikunwokeAnne Vyalitsyna, and opens in IMAX (and conventional theaters too) on February 14.

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Do not write articles anymore. You think Die Hard With A Vengeance is "irrelevant"? The first three movies as a whole is the BEST action trilogy of all time. Has Bruce rubbed you the wrong way or something? Sounds like you have something against the whole series. Everyone knows that LFODH was a dud in the series, but that doesn't automatically doom AGDTDH.

There's 7 comments on your article, Ed. They are all negative towards you.

Don't bash the series, then promote it by posting photos of the new movie.

Yippee Ki Yay, Ed.

Stevo the Magnificent

Never understood the hate for 'Die Hard 2' which I've always thought to be a sensational action movie, albeit with a bit too much profanity, but a solid sequel all round. That being said, they should have ended it with the excellent 'Die Hard with a Vengeance'… with the originally filmed ending that the studio unfortunately forced them to drop!


sorry, but everyone knows the third Die Hard is far superior to the second one and also was the last one worth a shit. straighten up or ship out.


For as much as "you and your audience" might turn your nose down on the series, I see you still seem to have no problem using the newly released photos to generate more views on your site. Cute.


That Nickelback/Dave Matthews Band line is one of the worst analogies I've ever read. I hate DMB as much as anyone, but DMB fans are EXTREMELY vocal about their love for that band. Additionally, no one with any taste likes anything Nickelback has ever done, while the first "Die Hard" is almost universally liked. Just a bad job all around by you, Edward Davis. Bad job. The only thing you got right is that "Die Hard 2" isn't very good.


Irrelevant since the second movie? Everyone loved Die Hard with a Vegance. It was a huge hit and is considered the best in the series after Die Hard, which is considered one of the best action movies ever. I hate when the people who write these new pieces are so desparate to be smug and snarky they automatically assume the world shares all their opinions.

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