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20 Years Later, Allen Hughes Talks ‘Menace II Society’, 2Pac, ‘Broken City’, ‘Django Unchained’

20 Years Later, Allen Hughes Talks 'Menace II Society', 2Pac, 'Broken City', 'Django Unchained'

2013 will mark 20 years since the Allen and Albert Hughes-directed Menace II Society was released in theaters.  Damn, that makes me feel old.

I still remember my best friend sweet-talking an older woman into buying our tickets for Menace, since we were but 14 or 15 years old at the time.  We had heard so much from the older kids about how crucial it was to see this film, we were prepared to do anything to get in.  And when we walked out of the now-closed AMC City Place 10 theater in Silver Spring, MD that afternoon, the world was a different place to us.  If anything, Menace scared us just as much as it excited us.  But to know that the Hughes Brothers were a mere 5 years older than we were when they made Menace II Society makes the whole experience so much more remarkable, in my opinion.

Well, enough of the stroll down memory lane . . . fast-forward to a little under a year ago, when Tambay told us about the premiere of Yo: The Story of Yo! MTV Raps, which featured a clip of rapper Tupac Shakur addressing a physical altercation that he claimed occurred between himself and Allen Hughes; it all stemmed from a feud that had its origins in the early days of the making of Menace.

Now, as the 20th anniversary of that film’s release approaches, Hughes sets the record straight via, and also talks about his new solo film Broken City and his thoughts on Django Unchained:

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Gerald Bennett

What's good trying to get a line on the hughes bro. to look at doing my sister story she was murder at the National Guard Armory Base in Culver City Calif, She was black an the Sgt. that kill her was white he got her pregnant and kill her so he could keep his status in the military and it went as high as the white house and they r doing there best to cover it up the police had 6 warning and ignore all of them plus the state of Calif refuse to give him the death penalty because he was white it was and still is a real gov't cover up hit my Email for more details Black people in power r garbage every man for him self white folks is still killing our women and babies and getting away with it by help of lame black official.

Tupac Shakur



Seems there's a lot missing from this interview that Sway lacked the intelligence to explore. Allen says he arrived with his brother. You mean to tell us that Allen's twin brother sat back & watched the whole thing or can we conclude that he fled like a coward? The fact that he deliberately chooses not to talk about his brothers involvement (deception by omission) means I can't trust a word of this interview.


I kinda believe it. Tupac and Denzel were on the same level, skill-wise. His turn as Birdie in 'Above The Rim' has never been matched.


Tupac was gonna step into Denzel's mantle?!? GTF outta here. Wishful thinking. Tupamaros nerve played a role that made me think anything like that. SMDH.

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