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‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ Will Be The First ‘Die Hard’ Under 2 Hours, Runs Just Over 90 Minutes

'A Good Day To Die Hard' Will Be The First 'Die Hard' Under 2 Hours, Runs Just Over 90 Minutes

If there has been anything that has marked the “Die Hard” series besides the omnipresence of Bruce Willis, it has been blockbuster-sized running times to match the blockbuster-sized movies. The first movie ran 131 minutes, “Die Hard 2” punched in at 124 minutes, and “Die Hard With A Vengeance” stretched it out to 131 minutes, while “Live Free Or Die Hard” clocked at 128 minutes (129 on the unrated cut). But it looks like as John McClane gets some young blood via Jai Courtney, the series is slimming down in size too.

We’ve learned that “A Good Day To Die Hard” will occupy 97 minutes of your time when it opens in a couple of weeks. Even as the adventure finds McClane leaving America for Moscow, it would appear that the script from Skip Woods (“Swordfish,” “The A-Team“) and the direction from John Moore (“Max Payne“) is keeping things moving very, very fast. We’ll leave it to you to decide if this is indicative of anything, but at the very least, it’s an interesting little bit of trivia to keep in your back pocket for now.

Buy your date dinner first and then take them to see “A Good Day To Die Hard” on Valentine’s Day.

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Is official from FOX???
97 minutes including credits???
They (FOX) have explained why so short???


1 min in korea? No
Credits more short.


In Korea, where it opens on Feb 6th, they cut 1 min to secure 15+ certificate. The official running time of Korean theatrical version is 96 mins.

Joel Goodsen

I was wondering if this is a substantiated fact or just conjecture. I know this 97 minute run time arose originally from AMC theaters "established" runtime (which very possibly is not correct being that no other theater chain has posted showtimes or an established runtime in addition to the fact that AMC theaters is notorious for posting incorrect runtimes before screenings). Furthermore, I have heard possible runtimes for the movie that include 97 mins, 99 mins, 100 mins, 111 mins, 120 mins, and even 130 mins. So again I was wondering if this blog was based on anything concrete or official? Thanks.

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