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A Good Day To Sequel Hard: First Trailer For ‘Red 2’ Pits Bruce Willis Against Helen Mirren

A Good Day To Sequel Hard: First Trailer For 'Red 2' Pits Bruce Willis Against Helen Mirren

Okay, we get why there’s a sequel to “Red” — it made just under $200 million worldwide. But seriously, do you remember anything about that movie? Have you been itching for a sequel? In what might be the most unnecessary sequel of 2013 (and yes, that includes “300: Rise Of An Empire“), “Red 2” is coming.

Putting on his sequel hat once again, Bruce Willis (and most of the original cast, with some additions like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins) reprises his role as a black ops CIA agent, only this time, he’s the target! Interpol wants him dead and the always stunning and badass Helen Mirren is hunting him down. John Malkovich is back to quirk it up along with Mary-Louise Parker, and few explosions later here we are. We guess it doesn’t look terrible, so much as just kind of mindless and bland — the kind of movie (like the original “Red”) you’ll watch, perhaps enjoy in the moment for what it is, and then promptly forget it exists. Shrug.

“Red 2” opens on August 2nd.

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I remember something about the original RED… That it was one of the worst f*cking movies I have ever seen. It wasn't fun, it was just awful – poorly written , poorly put together, poorly acted, poorly directed. It was a f*cking disaster.


Looks like fun, the first one was fun, a comedy actioner with good actors, and this one will too. Bring it!


I think Kevin pretty much nailed it with his observations about this movie and it's predecessor, actually. Red was mediocre at best (I'm being generous), fun for about 20 minutes until the novelty of the aging ensemble quickly wore off, ended unsatisfactorily, and then was promptly forgotten about. The sequel is completely unnecessary – you might be amped for it, but I reckon you're in the minority buddy.


Jesus, Kev… you are one joyless fuck. Why not just relax into the fact that not everything is for you and drop the dickish commentary you spray all over every news or trailer announcement? I mean you guys got enough opinion pieces around here, why take passive-aggressive or aggressive-aggressive swipes at your readers every single chance you get? I'd imagine most of the folks who clicked through to this story did so because they enjoyed the original, and not to have some living embodiment of the Comic Book Guy raz them for giving a shit. If you're above reporting the story, DON'T REPORT THE STORY. Otherwise, your just needlessly being a dick (an unclever dick at that… I mean hell, if you're gonna go that route) and to what end?


Looks cool, i hope it doesn't disappoint… the first one was a fun ride :-)

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