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A Women and Hollywood Announcement

A Women and Hollywood Announcement

If you read this site regularly, I’m sure you have noticed the growing contribution of intern Kerensa Cadenas.  She’s been working with the site since this past summer and has been doing such a great job that now she has been officially made a staff writer. 

Her contribution has been vital to keeping the site full of news as we continue to expand the work beyoind the borders of the internet.

Please help me congratulate her on this next step.

Here’s some info about Kerensa:

Kerensa Cadenas is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. She also contributes to This Was Television and Forever Young Adult. She was the Research Editor for Tomorrow magazine.

She has a BAS in English and Women Studies from Ohio University and a MA in Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University.

You can find her published writing on her website and follow her on Twitter.

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Melanie Crutchfield

Congrats on landing one of the coolest jobs I can think of! I look forward to reading more of your work.

Kryn Freehling

Congratulations! So glad Kerensa is on board permanently. I read the blog regularly and use it when I teach my college courses on women in film and pop culture. Thanks for all the great analysis you provide. Not only is it good for discussions, it also gives students great examples to follow–how to love the movies (and theatre) and still critique important issues of representation. And I enjoy the cross postings by the guys! Always great to have male voices raised in support of greater equality in the industry. Goes a long way-especially with the guys.

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