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Aaron McGruder Is Making A Live-Action Uncle Ruckus Movie. Launches Kickstarter Campaign…

Aaron McGruder Is Making A Live-Action Uncle Ruckus Movie. Launches Kickstarter Campaign...

So, Aaron McGruder has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $200,000 that will go towards the budget for a live action R-rated Uncle Ruckus comedy feature. Not a Boondocks movie; just an Uncle Ruckus movie. 

No studio is involved; it’ll be financed entirely via crowd-funding, he says. 

He’ll direct the film, from his own script, with Gary Anthony Williams, who provides the voice for Uncle Ruckus on the animated series, starring in the live action film.

The campaign was launched yesterday; and as of this post, $11,341 has been raised, with 29 days left. If the money continues to flow at this rate, he’ll definitely raise the $200,000, and then some… although, you should know that the $200,000 is just a piece of the total budget, and not the entire budget for the film. So he’ll likely return some time down the road to launch another campaign (or two) to raise the rest of the funds.

If you’d like to contribute, click HERE to visit the Kickstarter page, where you can read up on why he’s making this particular movie, and more.

Watch the promo below:

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Oh no.


While I feel I'm owed an Boondocks movie, this could be funny. My main concern is if Aaron Mcgruder can direct live action. I'm excited about him writing it though.


Where are all the Django and Samuel's Stephen lovers? A character written for true pointed satire from a writer that definitely doesn't believe everything his hateful characters are spewing. Watch the backlash a black man gets while QT was applauded by so many and panned rightfully. Watched Django it was decent. Ruckus can be bitingly better.


Not here for it.


Ruckus always lives up to his name. The animated episode about his genealogy was priceless.


This fits a few live action fools M.O.;-)


A Huey, Riley, or Thugnificent but not Ruckus. No Bueno.

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