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‘Catch Me if You Can’ Writer Hired To Pen ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’

'Catch Me if You Can' Writer Hired To Pen 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5'

Remember when bloggers said “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” would begin shooting in November of 2012 because the always-reliable Caribbean Business was reporting that Disney has confirmed a Puerto Rico shoot last year? Yeah, that didn’t obviously happen. In fact, while a script for a fifth ‘Pirates’ movie was reportedly finished in May of 2011, clearly it’s not ready for prime time and the film isn’t going in front of cameras any time soon.

In fact, while Terry Rossio, who has co-scripted all of the previous films (including episode four,”Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides“), had officially signed on to pen the fifth installment two years ago, Disney has now hired “Catch Me if You Can” scribe Jeff Nathanson to write the screenplay.

Interestingly enough, Variety‘s report doesn’t even mention Rossio and therefore suggests Nathanson is writing the script from scratch. Jerry Bruckheimer is once again producing and Johnny Depp will once again star as Captain Jack Sparrow, presuming he likes and approves the fifth script (but hell, he thought the last two were up to snuff too). While it’s easy enough to just ask, why isn’t enough enough already, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films have grossed a total of $3.7 billion dollars worldwide, with an average of $932 million per film, so it’s easy to understand why no one wants to give up this cash cow.

Those islands in the South of France don’t come cheap, either. Dare to dream that Johnny Depp returns to the quirky character acting he made his name on one day. Let’s also not forget Nathanson’s recent credits include “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and “Tower Heist“…

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Royce Mathew

I am fighting for accountability against Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio – who are "thieves" – yes I have sued them. And I will continue to seek justice.

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2) The big picture is that the Walt Disney Company has become home to a group of individuals who act like a slick gang – aka “gangsters”, who would include Michael D. Eisner, Robert A. Iger, Sanford “Sandy” Litvack, Martin “Marty” Sklar, Jerry Bruckheimer, and their Disney associates Jason Surrell, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, who continue to profit from utilizing the company resources to commit criminal and illegal acts, while pretending that follow the law, while justifying that they answer to no one.

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4) Is this what the industry is all about? Thieves "con artists" who steal to profit and succeed off the backs of independent artists? As many are actually profiting off my creative work, stolen by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio and then falsely credited to Marc Davis. Meanwhile Disney continues to protect and reward Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, as well as their accomplices Jason Surrell and Marty Sklar.

5) Who AM I ? – In the 1990's I had my work handled/reviewed by CAA including by agent Justin Connolly and at William Morris by James Stein. My legal action started while Michael Eisner was still at the Walt Disney Comany as its CEO but this serious issue goes back to the 1990's when Eisner / Disney wanted my creative work and I had refused to sell it. Michael Eisner even had memo drawn up in his own handwriting in regards to me back in 1992/1993.

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This serious matter is far from over.

Royce Mathew disneylawsuit (dot) com


As long as Keith Richards is in it…


Just a minor detail : Johnny Depp doesn't live on a island in the South of France, it's very much part of the main land ( ).

Daniel Delago

Another example of a big Hollywood studio trying to beat a dead horse back to life.


I wonder when Pirates 5 will start production(filming), after it start pre-production in February or March 2013? Any ideas as to when that will be?


This movie is doomed.


No thanks to this entire project. End it, enough.


Pirates 5, whyyy?????

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