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‘CB4’ Turns 20 This Year – Time For A Sequel?

'CB4' Turns 20 This Year - Time For A Sequel?

1993 was actually a decent year for black cinema, or blacks in cinema (in the USA anyway); I’m planning on introducing anniversary retrospectives, throughout the year from 2013 and on – something I really should have started years ago. But, better late than never. 

However, this post isn’t one of them. But they’re coming, so stay tuned.

It’s been a very long time since I last saw Chris Rock’s This Is Spinal Tap-esque satire of gangsta rap music, and with 2013 marking the film’s 20th anniversary since its 1993 release (March 12, 2013 will mark its actual 20th, since it opened in theaters on March 12, 1993).

Partly scripted by Nelson George, the film’s blend of insight and gags, kept me watching, although the critics were split on it. It did open at #1 during its debut weekend, with a $6.1 million take, and ended up grossing almost $18 million in cume box office.

Despite what might seem like less than stellar box office, the film has become something of a cult classic many years later, and is remembered very fondly by many; so the fact that a sequel just might become a reality, shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

Revisiting a post from last summer… In an interview below with Sway, while Chris was doing the press tour thing for 2 Days In New York, back in August last year, Rock revealed that he and Nelson George had been indeed discussing what a CB4 sequel might look like.

“There may be a new CB4… we’re kicking around some ideas, yes… me and Nelson have been talking about CB4…”

And when Sway asked for further clarification, he added:

When we made it, we never dreamed that rappers would be old… I know a bunch of senior rappers… so I think I might want to do something from that perspective… to be like a grown man rapper… so trying to figure out ways to do CB4.

Chris also said that he was probably going to be directing something before the end of the year, although he didn’t say what that would/could be. We know he’s been working on another documentary, this time tackling “Credit,” so that may be it; or it could be something else.

But how would you all feel about taking another witty trip with an aged MC Gusto, Stab Master Arson, and Dead Mike in CB4 II, after 20 years?

Watch Chris’ interview with Sway below:

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Marcel Zachary

IF they do a sequel to CB4 please but N.W.H in it also have Rusty back maybe it could show which group of the original movies was better. Personally I think Fear of a Black Hat was alot of funnier and told the truth about the image Hip-Hop has become now it's even worse today than what it was back in the day compare then to now with wack weezy and big booty Nicki not to mention it's embrace bubblegum artist like Bieber and Miley cyrus believe you me it's time for another parody to go around.

Charles Judson

Would be curious to see a CB4 sequel just for the "What If" of it. Seeing Kool DJ Red Alert spin four years ago became a little surreal when we all realized he was almost 52 at the time. Sway is right that no one really thought rappers would still be in the game past 40, let alone 30. Only concern I have is that kind of humor in CB4 hasn't aged terribly well. Like a lot of other SNL offshoots, it started to date pretty quickly its targets are so specific. How do you take those characters and update them? Always preferred Rusty Cundief's FEAR OF A BLACK HAT. Infinitely quotable and the satire is much more targeted, expansive and still relevant, cause I'm always down for some Political Unrest, Stabilize Society Yes–the who's a better director, and who stole whose career debate, still on point. That I can see a sequel for more than CB4.


sequel to cb4 has played itself out in real life

rick ross is mc gusto——————
superhead is the character that Khandi Alexander played(she even had the compromising pics with celebs).——————–

.and EVERY single hip hop group has broken up at one point..literally….atcq,nbn,epmd,rundmc,mobbdeep,nwa,gangstarr,peterock&cl,wu,outkast,getoboyz

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