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Charlize Theron May Join Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’ With Robert Downey Jr.

Charlize Theron May Join Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice' With Robert Downey Jr.

Though a favorite with critics who lean toward the arthouse, Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “The Master” wasn’t quite the box office or awards season contender many had predicted. But as usual, for his next effort Anderson is zigging instead of zagging, going off in another unpredictable direction, with something that will have a bit more mainstream appeal. And it looks like the helmer is continuing to attract big-name talent to work with him.

Inherent Vice,” Anderson’s adaptation of Thomas Pynchon‘s novel, is gearing up, with the director stating in December that he hoped to shoot it this year. And it looks like those plans are beginning to germinate, and Showbiz 411 reveals that not only is Robert Downey Jr. likely still attached, but Charlize Theron is “perhaps” one of those who will land a role as well, “with more names coming.” The filmmaker has been working on the script for a while now (and it was likely sidelined a bit by doing the press rounds for “The Master”), but the story follows a private detective uncovering a plot to kidnap a billionaire land developer in drug-kissed 1960s Los Angeles. No word yet on what Theron’s role might be.

Thus far, the project has been compared in tone to “The Big Lebowksi,” while Anderson said last month that he found a “research bible” in Gilbert Shelton‘s famous underground comic “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers,” which was first published around the same time that “Inherent Vice” is set. Meanwhile, Roger Fridman claims that a source tells him, “It’s closer to ‘Boogie Nights‘ than any of his other films.”

But of course, trying to pin down what an Anderson movie will turn out to be — particularly one based on the work by a mercurial, reclusive author — is a fool’s errand. But we’re just glad that the wheels seem to be in motion, and hopefully it won’t be another multiple-year wait until his next picture.

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I also agree with all the Michael Shannon as Bigfoot commenters here


i would love to see benicio del toro as sauncho and josh brolin as mickey


Since PTA is pretty known for hanging around the Largo comedy club in LA, I'd love to see him cast Paul F. Tompkins in a bigger role and plenty of other comedians. Basically, there's alot of potential for this to be a seedy-60s Pynchon-ized version of Bored to Death.


Phoenix is Sportello. Scarlett Johansson is Shasta. Downey jr not age for the role…comen on. And he is too much big star for the character. Phoenix or James Franco for style, age, two big actors. I'd prefer Phoenix. Downey, not groovy.


i heard woody harelson and kirsten dunst are in there…michael shannon would make a terrific bigfoot..but you know…joaquin would be great too

Oogle monster

This is seriously my DREAM come true. I love Charlize and PTA and I would love for them to work together! PTA did mention that Charlize was someone he wanted to work with when he was on Sirius Radio.


Michael Shannon should play Bigfoot. I know PTA's been interested in working with him.

I just can't wait to see who they get to play Denis. He has some hilarious scenes in there.


in the next days michael shannon will be confirmed as bigfoot…great cast
i know wants to work with bobby de niro ..i guess vice is a possibility


Seems like PT Anderson is upping the ages of Pynchon's characters. Larry "Doc" Sportello is only 29 years-old in the novel.


Have you cats read the book? I can't picture this having more mainstream appeal than The Master unless it's stripped of all it's Pynchonisms.


Where do sites like Deadline and Showbiz 411 get their info?


Shell probably be Doc Sportellos old lady, I think her name was Shasta or something like that

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