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Check Out The DeviantArt Drawing That Dwayne Johnson Is Turning Into A Movie

Check Out The DeviantArt Drawing That Dwayne Johnson Is Turning Into A Movie

If there’s anything we can learn from observing Hollywood these past few years, it’s that they will look anywhere for ideas. In the past, it was comic books, video games, action figures, board games, or theme park attractions that inspired the Hollywood blockbusters. Now it appears as if they’re scouring the internet for the next great billion dollar idea and if The Rock is involved, what could possibly go wrong? Right?

The Rock, a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson, is producing and potentially starring in a movie called “Teddy Bear,” collaborating with producer Beau Flynn, who made the family adventure “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” also featuring the star. “Teddy Bear” is based on an illustration by former software engineer Alex Panagopoulos on DeviantArt where a little teddy bear protects a sleeping girl from an enormous monster who hovers over her bed. A former assistant to Johnson discovered the illustration and eventually the drawing made its way to New Line.

No word writer is attached, but New Line is actually attempting to make a franchise out of this drawing. Let’s recap: they want to make a franchise based on a drawing. Perhaps Dwayne Johnson saw how “Ted” managed to be so successful for “Pain and Gain” co-star Mark Wahlberg and now he wants to get in on the plush toy action. It all may sound silly to you, but if The Rock wants to make a movie about a teddy bear, then that’s what The Rock is going to do, damnit. [THR]

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Duder NME

"A former assistant"? So much for finders keepers.


Seriously, have you seen a drawing that tells a more compelling story? There aren't many out there people. This is the sort of thing Pixar does. What does your Teddy Bear do while you sleep at night? Obviously it protects you from the monsters in your dreams. I don't know about franchise necessarily, though it could work, but there is most definitely at least one movie in this. And done right a really good one too.


How many great filmmakers have been inspired by paintings? Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Milius, Ridley Scott, The Coen Brothers, as mentioned David Lynch, James Cameron….and countless more. To complain about a movie being based on "a drawing" is to have absolutely no understanding of how art is created.


So it's basically the last segment of Cat's Eye with a Teddy Bear?


Grr. I've had this idea for a while!!! Even have a script started on it. I hate when good ideas get taken by people with the means to do it.


There's nothing wrong with getting an idea for a movie or franchise from a drawing. It's called inspiration, buddy. That's kind of how art works.

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