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Christopher Nolan To Direct Former Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi Project ‘Interstellar’

Christopher Nolan To Direct Former Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi Project 'Interstellar'

There is no director in Hollywood who keeps things closer to the chest than Christopher Nolan, but even we didn’t expect the announcement of his next film so soon. It looks like now that he’s done with the Batman movies, Nolan is cooking up something even more twisty and ambitious than “Inception.”

THR reports that Nolan is in talks to direct and produce “Interstellar.” The project has a script from his longtime collaborator and brother Jonathan Nolan, and will deal with time travel and alternate dimensions, telling the story of a group of explorers who go through a wormhole. Earning its sci-fi bonafides, the film was developed by theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, and has actually been brewing for years. In fact, Steven Spielberg was once attached to direct.

As we wrote a couple of years ago in our Ten Dead Projects We’d Like To See Resurrected feature, it was just one of the many projects Spielberg had on his plate that fell to the wayside as he pursued  “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” and “War Horse.” The project is slated to be a co-production between Paramount and Warner Bros., but it’s not certain if he’ll still be involved on some level, though it is curious that “Robopocalypse” just got indefinitely delayed

But Nolan plus theoretical physics plus time travel? Hell yeah.

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Looking forward to it. But I imagine a lot of people will be resentful of him for doing this kind of film rather than what they'd personally prefer he do.


Sounds like Inception set in space. He should maybe try and confound the fanboys by doing something on a smaller scale, maybe a comedic drama or something more natural etc. His past few films, despite being decent, were all overly scripted, structured and conceived.


I hope he will call his muse, the always impressive Marion Cotillard.


Yay! I always wanted Spielberg to get this project moving, it's definitely more interesting than The Terminal, War of the Worlds or War Horse.
Nolan's a better choice anyway.


Fuck yes. Awesome news. I remember after I saw Looper thinking why doesn't someone develop a time travel movie with the collaboration of an actual physicist and now Nolan is doing it. Can't wait for this.

concerned citizen kane

dudes got a bitchin' scarf




I hope Nolan works with Tom Hardy again, this time without a mask on. And I'd like to see Gary Oldman in this, too, this time showing a dark side than Commissioner Gordon.


i think Michael Caine will be in the movie (candid eyes)

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