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Denzel Washington Talks 6th Movie w/ Tony Scott + He’s Tired Of Playing Respectable Heroes

Denzel Washington Talks 6th Movie w/ Tony Scott + He's Tired Of Playing Respectable Heroes

This is news to me, so I suspect it is as well to most of you… 

Apparently, just before Tony Scott died last year, he and Denzel Washington were talking about working yet again, on another action movie. Denzel revealed this in an interview with the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, ahead of the UK release on Flight on February 1. 

“I made five movies with him,” he sighs. “I talked to him about a week before he died about our sixth movie. He wanted to do a film where I played a submarine captain driving a submarine filled with narcotics. We were talking about it.”

Definitely sounds like a Tony Scott movie! And unfortunately, not one that we’ll get to see – at least, not under Tony Scott’s direction, who had a ton of projects on his “upcoming” slate before he passed away last summer. Looking over his IMDBPro page, I couldn’t immediately determine if any of them is the above project Denzel mentions, since Mr Washington doesn’t give a title, just a description.

So I can’t say whether this is a project that’s still alive. 

In the extended interview/profile, Washington also talks about putting on weight for Flight, and why he’s tired of playing the “respectable hero.” So the next time he’s cast in a film playing a morally ambigious, or flat-out villain in a project, I don’t want to hear anyone talk about why “Hollywood” keeps csting Denzel Washington in these “negative” roles. 

The man obviously wants those kinds of parts!

Read the full interview/profile HERE.

By the way, the other 5 Tony Scott films Denzel Washington starred in: Crimson TideMan On FireDeja VuThe Taking Of Pelham 123Unstoppable.

Scott’s last 3 directed films starred Denzel Washington.

Up next for the actor, Denzel stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in a film adaptation of Steven Grant’s graphic novel 2 Guns, which centers on a DEA agent and an undercover naval intelligence officer who unwittingly investigate each other as each steals mob money, but eventually learn that they are actually both being set up by the mob to steal $50 million from the CIA.

Denzel plays the DEA agent.

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Spirit Equality

Why does it have to be either/or? Denzel is either playing a saint or a devil in most of his roles. I'd rather see more subtle roles like "Mo Betta Blues", where he is a talented guy with some personal issues, because that is the gray area that most people fall in. How many people do you know that are like Denzel in "Training Day"? Denzel's "bad guy" roles are starting to feel like parody now, bring on the three dimensional HUMAN roles. "Flight" was a great step in the right direction.

Vanessa Martinez

I love when Denzel is a bad mutherf@cker. Seemingly aloof and cold on the outside though, sensitive and kind at heart like in "Man on Fire".

Herman Hopkins

A Denzel could play those roles, while many can't. Many could not be in the leading role.


But you just know that someone's going to try to get cute by saying that the problem's not that Hollywood casts him in those roles, but rather that Hollywood "keeps rewarding" him for playing "those types of roles," then they'll go on to cite him getting the Oscar for Training Day and Halle having sex with Billy Bob to get an Oscar as the (tired and overused) examples of this…


Why would anyone expect/want Denzel to only play "positive" roles? That's so boring. No one would EVER expect that of a white actor. I've been saying for 2 decades now that Denzel should play more villains (I loved him in "Training Day")! As well as more multidimensional roles. He's an actor, not an "official Black Race Representative." Go for it, Denzel!

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