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Duncan Jones To Direct ‘World Of Warcraft’

Duncan Jones To Direct 'World Of Warcraft'

Sam Raimi bailed on it last summer, but Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures soldiered on, quickly hiring “Blood Diamond” writer Charles Leavitt to punch up the script (presumably the same one that left Raimi disatisfied with the prospect of directing the movie). They vowed to keep “World of Warcraft” afloat and they have done so by hiring “Moon” and “Source Code” filmmaker Duncan Jones to direct the live-adaptation of the popular video game. While “Source Code” was ambitious and bigger in scope then the intimate, small-scale sci-fi film “Moon,” Jones will really be diving in head-first to big budget tentpole status with this one.

As THR, who breaks this news, notes, ‘Warcraft’ is eclectic, “part fantasy, part science fiction and — depending on the game you’re playing — includes elements such as dragons and orcs, zombies and werewolves, and aliens and spaceships.” It will be interesting to see if this world is pared down or not, if only just for budget’s (and logic’s) sake.

Honestly, this writer is somewhat disappointed. Jones had been developing two sci-fi projects for some time. One called “Mute” and another he described as aBlade Runner“-esque cityscape sci-fi picture. But people gotta eat and both projects have languished in development without funding for some time, so it’s understandable why Jones would want to work on something that’s actually going to get made. Jones was supposed to shoot a biopic of 007 creator Ian Fleming and it was supposed to shoot last year, but that plan obviously changed. Legendary is eyeing a fall 2013 start and a 2015 release, so this one definitely seems next for Jones.

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He is a gamer so maybe he will know what to do with this one.


As for the Fleming biopic, I think that the planned BBC miniseries on the same subject, with Dominic Cooper as Fleming, just killed Duncan Jones's project.


hmmm… a wow movie now lol. i wonder how many parallels they will keep in the movie to be consistent with the game, or if they will base it more from the wow novels. i wonder if wow gold or ige would be even mentioned lol




Agree with CB. If this helps get Mute on track then I'll grin n' bear it but I could care less about a Warcraft movie.


Sign my ass on up. Jones has a real chance to shine here…


Well, well. You know what, if this is what needs to be done in order for Mute to get financed, so be it. Mute is his Inception and Warcraft is his Batman Begins. Hopefully he'll keep his edgy style intact in a tentpole film like this. Could this be the first great video game adaptation?

Chris L

Maybe it's "one for you one for me" model. Or maybe he delayed last years Flemming picture to lend support to his recently diagnosed cancer-stricken wife.

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