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Emma Stone Climbing The ‘Crimson Peak’ For Guillermo Del Toro

Emma Stone Climbing The 'Crimson Peak' For Guillermo Del Toro

Though she’s rightfully earned her claim to fame thanks to a string of comic roles, Emma Stone has slowly branching out. She’s put on her blockbuster shoes with “The Amazing Spider-Man” franchise, gone down the drama route with “The Help” and last weekend gave a stab at playing the femme fatale in the guns and molls goof “Gangster Squad.” But for one her next roles, she’ll be heading into new territory.

The actress is in early negotiations and expected to sign for Guillermo Del Toro‘s next feature effort, “Crimson Peak.” A haunted house movie, Del Toro has been cagey about the exact plot details, but did say last month, it had a classical literary feel. “It’s set at the turn of the century and it is a gothic romance with ghosts. When I use the GR [gothic romance] term I use it not in the Barbara Cartland model but rather in a Bronte fashion. Dark and stormy and wind-swept,” he wrote on his official forums. “This is my first foray into horror since Sci-Fi/Horror ‘Mimic.’ DBB [‘The Devil’s Backbone‘] was more of an essay on ghosts than a ghost story and, except as a producer, I have not returned to scary stuff in a long time.”

As usual, Del Toro has about a half dozen projects on the go, but when spoke to him this week — as he was promoting the Jessica Chastain starring “Mama” which he produced — he clarified his timeline. “We’re going to be doing the pilot for the series ‘The Strain‘ [based on the trilogy of novels co-written by Del Toro and ‘The Town‘ author Chuck Hogan] for Fox and then I’m going to go right into the prep for ‘Crimson Peak.’ ” he shared. Variety says a February 2014 start is in the cards.

So in short: Stone in a gothic romance/haunted house movie directed by Del Toro? Yeah, we’re in. As for Stone, she’ll spend a chunk of 2013 shooting “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and hopefully between that and “Crimson Peak,” that project she’s looking to do with Cameron Crowe will get in front of cameras. [Variety]

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I despise this actress! I mean really is everyone blind?! Just look at her for one thing she is far from beautiful. She really is not even cute she just has this whole low grade looks to her and don't get me started on her acting its just do bad and the fact she keeps getting rolls pisses me off like on spider man having to see her stupid face w her crappy lowgrade acting really upset me cuz she literally ruins the movie for me and the rest of us who appreciate good acting and thinks that only good serious actors should be in good movies. She barely seems fit to play in a damn Disney movie straight to DVD. What I'm trying to say Is please get her out if here along w that stupid fuck Ryan goss cuz I can't take the movie seriously if either one of then are in it. Stop dropping so much acid Hollywood cuz you are mistaking a shitty actress for a good one. PlZ plz open your danm eyes Hollywood and ppl she is awful she makes Lohan look good. I hope she is just a fad.


Am I the only one who can hardly stand her and her "acting"?


most unfortunate headline ever.

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