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First Look At A Dreadlocked Nonso Anozie As Samson + First Trailer For 10-Part Series ‘The Bible’

First Look At A Dreadlocked Nonso Anozie As Samson + First Trailer For 10-Part Series 'The Bible'

It was in May 2011 when the History Channel greenlit a 5-part, 10-hour docudrama series based on the bible, from Mark Burnett, the executive producer of Survivor.

Titled simply, The Bible, the series was to focus on some of the most universally familiar tales from the bible.

The 10-hour project, which Burnett is said to have been working on for about 4 years now, was reportedly shot on location, and includes a combo of live action and CGI (well, naturally).

This series will bring the historical stories of The Bible to life for a new generation,” said History Channel president Nancy Dubuc.

The epic cast for this epic series is long; but look for Nonso Anozie as Samson (as in the story of Samson and Delilah) – the Israelite who was granted supernatural strength by God (his strength is in his hair) in order to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats like wrestling a lion, and slaying an entire army (photo above); and also Keith David provides voice-overs throughout. 

And there are others. 

The series now has a premiere date – 3/3/13 on History Channel. It’ll be on Blu-ray and DVD soon after.

This is just one of a few Bible film projects on the horizon, as there seems to be some renewed interest in biblical tales.

A trailer for the series has arrived, and it’s embedded below:

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Luks inspired by d Spartacus tv series….just without nudity & unnecessary sex.


Orwell would appreciate that this is broadcast by something called "the history channel", when it would be more appropriate on "syfy" or, better yet, "disney". oh well.


I saw this guy in the recent Conan movie…and along with the mock Mohawk "Indians" in the film…his presence in the film raised the camp level. I kept expecting him to start singing "Buffalo Soldier…dread lock rasta"

Speaking of Jamaica,'s interesting that the man playing Samson in the film is wearing locks. I believe that Rastafarians liken themselves to Nazarites and that they don't cut their hair based on the same Lev. law that Hassidic jews follow. At least that's what I've always thought.

What I always found comical in the bible films that we watched as kids…in the jesus films…literally EVERY other character in the film looked like modern day Arab or Sephardic jew EXCEPT the "hero" of the story….who always looked like Bjorn Borg.


I just got chills… and I still cry every time I watch King of Kings (1961). :o)

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