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HBO Confirms The Third Season of ‘Girls’ We Already Knew Was Happening Is In Fact Happening

HBO Confirms The Third Season of 'Girls' We Already Knew Was Happening Is In Fact Happening

HBO finally confirmed this afternoon what executive producer Judd Apatow and creator/star Lena Dunham had both already gone ahead and announced earlier — that season three of “Girls” is a go. The network also announced that, as Dunham had hinted earlier this week on Alec Baldwin’s WNYC radio show, the third season would be expanded to 12 episodes, as opposed to the run of 10 given to the first two.

Here’s a preview clip from this coming Sunday’s episode of the series, which finds Hannah (Dunham) actually getting a writing assignment for a website called “jazzhate” that sounds like some infernal combination between Vice and Thought Catalog. “You could have a threesome with some people that you meet on Craigslist… or do a whole bunch of coke and then just write about it,” her editor suggests when she asks what topics to consider.

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I'm glad we finally got some official confirmation about this third season, even though I was just as confident as you were about the renewal! It's no wonder HBO wants to keep making it, since this show just keeps getting better and better every time I watch it. In fact, I actually have the every episode always saved on my DVR, so my friends from my office at DISH and I can re-watch them whenever we want. It's just lucky for us that I can house each episode while barely putting a dent on the 450 hours of HD recording space on my DISH Hopper DVR, so I'll always have this collection at my finger tips. Plus, with that much memory space, I'll be able to keep the whole third season without a problem as well!

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