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HBO Officially Announces Inevitable Renewal Of ‘Girls’ For Season 3

HBO Officially Announces Inevitable Renewal Of 'Girls' For Season 3

Not only was the cat out of the bag months ago, it’s pretty much gone and had kittens, but HBO has finally made it real and offical: “Girls” has been renewed for a third season.

As creator/writer/producer/star Lena Dunham recently noted, the quick turnaround on the show will continue, with production to commence in March pretty much right after the second season of the show has wrapped. This means that we will have seen three seasons of the show likely within two years which is pretty remarkable. And perhaps equally remarkable is the massive popularity of the show which, to use a poor but not necessarily invalid comparison, is growing to become the network’s new “Sex & The City.” And that show was genuniely pretty good for the first couple of seasons before it became simply shopping, weddings and shoes. And let’s not get into the movies. But let’s hope “Girls” can stay the course a bit longer.

“Girls” airs Sunday nights in case you’re just landing on planet Earth now, and here’s a clip from the next episode.

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