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Highlights from Jennifer Lawrence’s SNL Night: Inevitable ‘Hunger Games’ Parodies and Awards Show Send-Ups

Highlights from Jennifer Lawrence's SNL Night: Inevitable 'Hunger Games' Parodies and Awards Show Send-Ups

Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence’s turn hosting Saturday Night Live was disappointing overall, but the actress did manage to dig up some laughs with a solid monologue despite poorly written material and a sea of missed opportunities. There was nothing on “Silver Linings Playbook” or “Winter’s Bone,” and SNL completely dropped the ball with the “Hunger Games” Press Conference skit.  Lawrence’s bit as an inept rapper was passably funny and her monologue was solid. 

The Lumineers charmed with their pleasant performance of “Ho Hey” (featured in the “Silver Linings Playbook” trailer) as well as “Stubborn Love.”Highlights of the episode are below.

JLa’s Monologue:
She had lots to draw from – including last week’s Golden Globes win for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook” as well as some faux Oscars-trash talking.  

B-108 Morning Show
Lawrence’s best performance of the evening as a rhyme-challenged intern, “Miss Busty Rhymes,” at an early morning hip-hop show in Minnesota.

More Hobbit:
This skit takes on all upcoming 18 versions of the Hobbit story including “Hobbit 4: Apple Maps…An Unexpected Detour” as well as “Shoot, I Just Realized I Forgot Something Back at the Shire. Mind If We Double Back?”

Cold Open:
Piers Morgan takes on an unrepentant Lance Armstrong, a dolt Manti Te’o, as well as Jodie Foster spouting mixed messages.

Starbuck’s Verismo:
Starbuck’s latest home-brewing machine criticizes your order and can’t pronounce your name.

“Hunger Games” Press Conference
The writers missed the mark on this one. The opening joke was “What kind of a name is Katniss?” which will give you some idea of the rest of the skit.

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Its not her fault.. I blame the writers. There have been ppl on the show over the years that were not necessarily funny but because the writing / the skits it always turn out successful.


It's never a good idea to have an actress like Jennifer Lawrence to host a show like SNL. Yes, she is hilarious in real-life but that's all sarcastic and it doesn't work when doing SNL. She also has never taken any lessons or done a play, what was she thinking when she accepted this? Yeah, the writing DID NOT help either and she sucked. She'll get a lot of hate for the last week's behavior and she needs to stay away from media for a while. Get her head straight.
People are now calling her racist, unfunny & a mediawhore. It's only gonna get worse when shell win the Oscar, which she will if we're being honest here though Emmanuelle deserves it more.

I used to really, really like her. I don't know anymore.


Seemed the writing staff was still on holiday and not happy to be back… but regardless, Jennifer Lawrence should really not have been allowed to host SNL — her lack of stage charisma was embarrassing and really reflected on her "laid back" style of acting…

Also, she didn't take the time to commend Riva on her performance, only the other nominees…

JLa was super super flat… and not just because of a lazy and uninterested writing staff this week…

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