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‘House Arrest’ With Stacey Dash And The Game Coming Out On DVD In March

'House Arrest' With Stacey Dash And The Game Coming Out On DVD In March

So when we last left Stacey Dash, as you will recall, just a few weeks ago, HEREshe was trying to make herself relevant again – first by endorsing Mitt Romney for President, and then with a pilot for a self’-produced “edgy” sit-com Normal.

Neither went over well to say the least.

But she does have another trick up her sleeve with the comedy film House Arrest, in which she stars with The Game, which Lionsgsate Home Entertainment is releasing on DVD on March 26.

To explain what the film is about, since the trailer below doesn’t do a particular good job of it, Dash plays Chanel, “a woman living the high life until one day while shopping with her boyfriend DeAndre (played by Mr. Game) they get arrested. Chanel finds herself under house arrest under a judges’s order. With nowhere to go, she is forced to move back in with her mother and daughter who live on the “ghetto side of town”. As she adjusts to her new situation, DeAndre makes her a proposition that will have her torn between two lifestyles.”

And there you have it; here’s the trailer:


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kid chaos

If they paid sergio $1 it would still be too much.


Sergio, you guys really should be discriminating. You've got a good reputation going here. Don't be like Oprah and OWN, and go ruining it with dreck like this.


That's why I love this site. We will support work from black creators by posting their work, talented or still finding their voice, cause that's our people. But if that mess is WACK. We WILL talk about you and let you know. It's all love. It's a beautiful community.


My favorite line: "I got the right to talk shit!" Yes ma'am!

Miles Ellison

This is garbage.


LOL. Sergio, stop trolling your own site. While I was looking back at the archives, I saw that Kiki My Everyday Struggle web series you posted. Not to completely diss it, but it wasn't great….at all. You know when your posting unnecessary material on this website, like movie above. But have to admit I get a good laugh when I see stuff like this. I like Stacey and she is still my girl crush, but nooo. That movie is BAD. I laughed my way through the trailer.

Lil' Scrippy

If you like this, DO NOT complain about DJANGO!

Emmett Period

I want my 37 seconds back….that's all I could handle.


Woo! Hoo! I made it all the way to the end of the trailer! That was close… We all get a prize or something for that right?


What the hell?!

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