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Is ‘Movie 43’ Being Dumped By The Studio?

Is 'Movie 43' Being Dumped By The Studio?

Well it certainly looks that way. We might have to chalk this one as another entry in the “Lose” column for both Halle Berry and Terrence Howard.

The low budget ($6 million) dollar sketch comedy, which we have reported on, was financed and is being distributed by Relativity Media and is opening this Friday without any advance publicity or fanfare.

And, not surprisingly, no advance screenings for the media have been set up anywhere, which is always a sign that a studio thinks it has a real stinker on its hands and wants no negative advance word before it opens.

The film, in which each segment was directed by a different director – including Brett Ratner, Peter Farrelly and Rusty Cundieff (who’s been working a lot on TV after directing features such as Fear of the Black Hat and Tales from the Hood back in the 90’s) – has an impressive list of stars, including two current Oscar nominees in Hugh Jackman and Naomi Watts, along with Richard Gere, Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, J.B. Smoove, Jason Sudeikis and, of course, Berry and Howard.

Others who were approached to be involved like George Clooney as well as South Park and The Book of Mormon creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, either refused or dropped out early on.

The film is, of course, designed to be the ultimate gross out comedy, intended to shock and outrage, even including a segment involving necrophilla, which was cut from the film, but will be on the DVD. But it seems things went wrong from the start.

Those who have seen the film say that a lot of it seems dated, which is not surprising since the film was actually shot in bits and pieces over a four year period, due to the availability of the talent in front of and behind the camera.

And no one got rich working on the film. According to Farrelly, who also concieved and produced the film, all of the stars got only $800 a day for their efforts.

However, he dismisses the idea that the film is being dumped by the studio: “The studio is not hiding it. We knew it would have to find its audience and believe me it will;” which is what people say usually after a film bombs and not before.

And that audience, says Farrelly, comprises of mainly “kids, teenagers and 50 somethings who still smoke pot.

Maybe Halle and Terrence are better off that no one sees this, so they can pretend it didn’t exist and move on to better things.

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I'm an avid user of cannabis and this has absolutely no appeal to me. Way to generalize, dipshit.


Maybe you were not invited to a screening because you are not important. Get over yourself and go buy a ticket to the movie if you want to bash it before seeing it, you entitled hack.


why did all the cast agree to work for just $800? this isnt a favor, like some rich or famous person's child's film school move ( IE steven speilberg didnt ask a favor from all these ctresses) so why did they do this movie ?


"…Being Dumped…?" What?!? Have you been living under a ROCK for the last two months?!? They have been promoting the hell out of this film for at least two months on Comedy Central! The first time I saw an ad for it was when Daniel Tosh did an in show promo for it October 2, 2012! I've seen so many promos for it that I'm about sick of it. Check out "Kentucky Fried Movie" or "Amazon Women on the Moon" if you want a preview.

Curtis J.

It's not getting the attention most figure it would, absolutely tru -, but being dumped? If they're paying for TV ads, IMO the movie ain't being 'dumped'. Also, though I wanted to get a press preview as well, this isn't the type of movie that even needs one. Thanks for the write-up though as I was unaware there was even any contention going on.


Sergio, this is the second article i've read about this film saying things like "stars want out and producers don't let them" or like yours, "studio is hiding the film".
I don't know, but it looks like the press are the only ones trying to trash the movie. Because they didn't screen it for you? That's why? Why, before writing crap like this, don't get someone who actually back you up on your sayings, or at least quote somebody???
This is the worst kind or journalism.


Speaking of Albert or Allen Hughes (who can tell them apart). Sergio, or Tambay, I would really love to see one of you interview them, as well as F. Gary Gray and Antoine Farquar, and ask them why they feel no responsibility to try and put more journeymen actors in their films, the way that Spike, John Singleton and Robert Townsend, and Damon Wayans (with In Living Color) and his films, have done.

Miles Ellison

This was better when it was Kentucky Fried Movie.


"And, not surprisingly, no advance screenings for the media have been set up anywhere"

Eh? I'm going to a press screening here in the UK this week….someone hasn't done their research…or maybe don't say it with such conviction – keep it to, "to our knowledge"


I've seen tons of ads for it. It doesn't seem like it's being dumped at all.


What? I've been seeing nonstop advertising for this movie. Terrence's short has been highly featured in it, too.


Doing a favor for r. kav anaugh is a"lose". Hmmmmm. I suspect the movie will live a long life on dvd.


Snooze. Who cares about this stupid-looking movie? It's not a black film anyhow.

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