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James McAvoy’s ‘Welcome To The Punch’ Gets U.S. Theatrical & VOD Release In March

James McAvoy's 'Welcome To The Punch' Gets U.S. Theatrical & VOD Release In March

With Ridley Scott executive producing, James McAvoy in the lead, a supporting cast that includes Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough, Peter Mullan and more, all in a gritty crime flick directed by the rising auteur Evan Creevy, perhaps expectations were a bit higher for “Welcome To The Punch.” We figured it might be the kind of thing that rolled into SXSW or Sundance, but instead, you can just check it out at home at the end of March.

IFC Flims has given the picture a March 27th limited theatrical date with a VOD bow to follow three days later on March 30th. Hmm… The film tells the story of story of two arch-nemeses: detective Max Lewinsky (McAvoy) and master criminal Jacob Sternwood (Strong). When Sternwood’s son turns up in a hospital due to a failed heist, he’s forced to return to London – giving Max his second chance to get the one criminal who got away, and along the way, he uncovers a vast conspiracy.

Generic thriller or something a bit meatier? Let’s hope for the latter, but with Danny Boyle‘s “Trance” also arriving just over a week later on April 5th, let’s hope it doesn’t get forgotten about entirely.

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Jack H

The young film makers have delivered a very ambitious indy Brit film that works and should be applauded. It makes sense for IFC to take advantage of the buzz Punch is getting in the UK with a quick turnaround. I really enjoyed it. it's slick, tight and everyone's on their game.


Saw it at a screening in London, Creevy's done a great job, have a bit of faith indie wire, it's going down well over here


I thought the trailer was great! Eran Creevy is an up-and-coming director in UK–I was really hoping this would show at SXSW…


The trailer was surprisingly underwhelming… I mean, considering all the talents involved. I guess limited release + VOD would be better for McAvoy, who has five new movies coming out in this year. It's better just focusing on promoting more promising ones.

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