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Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell & Samantha Morton To Star In ‘Miss Julie’ For Director Liv Ullmann

Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell & Samantha Morton To Star In 'Miss Julie' For Director Liv Ullmann

Haters to the back. We called this one. Or at least the Jessica Chastain part because, well, she basically said as much already. During a press conference for “Mama” reporters asked what was next for the “Zero Dark Thirty” actress. “It hasn’t been announced but it might be a Strindberg thing. It hasn’t been announced yet,” she said. Being that many of us understand what that means, we asked, does that mean the adaptation of “Miss Julie” that Ingmar Bergman‘s muse Liv Ullmann was scheduled to direct? And yes, Chastain essentially confirmed with a physical gesture (much beyond the goofy face of a Matthew Vaughn character actor mind you; and that didn’t pan out).

Variety confirms what we assumed. Chastain has replaced Michelle Williams in the lead role, but offers two more tantalizing actors to the cast: Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton.

The movie is an adaptation of August Strindberg‘s classic Swedish play, a controversial work exploring power, sexuality, class, identity, love and gender set in 1874. Ullmann said in the past that she’d “use Irish actors as servants and British as the masters of the house.” Farrell, Irish, check. Morton, English, check. Chastain? Well, she does a mean English accent and she’s obviously a super talented and in-demand actress that Ullmann was very wise to get on board this project. That’s a big win for her. This will be Chastain’s first post-Oscar nominated role and newscoopers and fans should note: Variety says Chastain’s been “weighing several offers” as she tries to get her 2013 schedule in order. Perhaps some more exciting casting announcements are to come, but we’re glad this one is landing close to her artistic side. Ullmann has been recently directing Cate Blanchett and Joel Edgerton in “A Streetcar Named Desire” so clearly she’s on a hot streak with actors.

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LOLOLOL. Dying at your comment in regards to Jessica doing the same thing in all her movies…. you obviously haven't watched any of her movies. From Zero Dark Thirty to Mama? But oh yes totally the same thing 0_0


Michelle Williams >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jessica Something.
The hype around this woman and these bad movies she does like Tree of Life, The Help and ZDT are so annoying that make you idiots truly believe that she can act. LOL
She is always doing the same thing, she's just another mediocre and overrated actress like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence who probably will dissapear soon.


Agreed with everyone regarding Chastain> Williams. Michelle Williams is a very solid performer, but almost all of her best roles are basically the same sad and depressed sort of character. I'm a huge fan of Chastain pushing herself in all of these different directions and to not be typecast. Her versatility is incredible.

BTW, I hate being superficial and all, but the above picture is probably one of the most attractive pictures of Chastain I've ever seen. With the type of characters she often plays, it's easy to forget what a good looking woman she is.


I couldn't agree more. Jessica is better than Michelle Williams. Michelle plays the same roles in all her movies, and she was unconvincing as Marilyn Monroe. We need more young actresses like Chastain, Emily Blunt ( she truly deserved a Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for Looper ) , and Anne Hathaway. These ladies are very talented, versatile, and it seems like they try to find different ways to challenge themselves.


'Haters to the back'. What? Can someone explain why this is the first sentence?


Is this the same film that the dude from Rust and Bone was to attached to???


Michelle and Jessica seems to always be up for the same roles. Aren't they also in contention with The Double? I guess it's a good thing that they are friends.

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