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Katt Williams Threatens To Punch Quentin Tarantino Over N-Word In ‘Django Unchained’; Sam Jackson Baits Reporter To Say It

Katt Williams Threatens To Punch Quentin Tarantino Over N-Word In 'Django Unchained'; Sam Jackson Baits Reporter To Say It

There has been no shortage of opinion over Quentin Tarantino‘s hit slavery/western vengeance pic “Django Unchained.” Even though neither of them have actually seen it, Spike Lee and Antoine Fuqua have both weighed in on the matter, but the debate still rages, particularly over the use of the word “nigger” in the film. And now two more people are letting their voices be heard on the matter.

First up, troubled comedian Katt Williams, who these days seems to have a permanent police detail on him, has threatened to punch Quentin Tarantino in the face over the movie. The ever present TMZ cornered the funnyman and asked him about the movie. “Quentin Tarantino thinks he can say the N-word. But I checked with all of Ni**adom and nobody knows where he got his pass from. I hope he didn’t get it from Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx cause they aren’t going to help you when I see you,” he warned.

When asked about the difference between Steven Spielberg, who directed “Amistad,” and Tarantino, Williams continued: “Quentin Tarantino is no Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg doesn’t wanna be black, Quentin Tarantino thinks he is. So when he meets a real ni**a, we’ll see if he is or not.”

Meanwhile, when critic and reporter Jack Hamilton recently tried to bring up the n-word controversy with Jackson, the actor turned the table on the journo, baiting him to say it. “Have you ever said it? Try it!” the actor exclaimed, while Hamilton pivoted around it uncomfortably, but admirably. He chose not to say it and the interview moved on, but the entire moment pretty much illustrates the two sides of the larger discussion about the use (or non-use) of the word. Watch both videos of Williams and Jackson below. [FilmDrunk/Vulture]

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Frank Scirghio

It’s just real….. Like it or not that’s our world ….I love all of his movies and so does my wife ..I’m Italian and Irish and she is African on her mothers side and Jamaican on her fathers ….why do people want to be such babies ….stop giving the word so much power and it will just be a word ….wow I just can’t understand the stuff people spend time on these days …just watch it for what it is and enjoy it or not ….we enjoy it and would be upset if someone like you made him look bad and he changes his style… That would be a shame.


Katt who?Any "so called"tuff black man must try me on for size.Irish Catholic White over 500 street fights{won most of em}Over 70 amateur boxing matches{lost 10}90% of my opponents were black Americans.I am VERY PROUD to be a 70year old White man.


The reason katt williams is so mad about a white guy saying the n word is because katt williams is a n*gg3r, he gives black people like me and other blacks a terrible name by the way he acts.


Niggadom? Damn this dudes as ignorant as it gets. Trying to crack a joke when he's pretending to be serious smh.


It's all a farce. It's purpose is to simply further widen the division of the People. Now is the time for people to be working together as fellow Americans to purify the corruption that has taken hold of our country.

People are people, all people are different. Get over it. Capitalism is bull shit, our media is bull shit, our education system is bull shit, our money/economy is bull shit, profit is bull shit (it actually stifles development of technology despite what they say about the free market). None of this shit is real. The only aspect of America that is real are it's people.

Nigger this, nigger that. Cracker this, cracker that. Faggot this, faggot that. The people responsible for giving these words power are the people that take offense to it. Fuck you people. Wake the fuck up and realize we have a lot bigger problems on our hands. The future is now.


I would beat the living shit out of that retarded looking midget nigger kat williams if he ever tried to step to me


"If you're offended it's probably because the shit applies to you."


the word nigger does not offend anybody people at my school call each other nigger even the white kids i live in norristown and i scene django unchained and we to be honest if you ever read a book about slavery they say nigger way more then that so shut the fuck up kat williams your not even that funny


Has anyone thought hmm this film is about America in the slave era, perhaps the word nigger was thrown around alot those days and he was trying to be realistic? I mean even these days it's said alot doesn't mean QT says it or that he's a rascist. Any decent story teller wants his characters to be believable and unfortunatly rascists make interesting characters. ( Although in my stories and most in Django they tend to get their just deserts )


To Spike, Samuel and Katt, what do you expect from these Whites and their Triggers? I have a Western Script for Tarantino's Ass, and I have a Historical Script for Spielberg's Ass! I say to ALL who are criticizing the WHITE Boys, "What about yawl Black Asses learning to Accept Scripts from unknowns who have Winners?" I have 2 Winners, BUT, I can't find a Black/African American producer to give me the Time of Day! My script, "THE LESSON" was read by Morgan Freeman's Creative Executive, his reply, Verbatim, "I read the script and we will be passing, it's a bit small and not the kind of film were're looking to produce!" What does that mean? I think it says quite clearly, they are afraid of this Story, it is a LEARNING experience and they don't want People Learning, Negro nor White!!


Funny, Stephen King has been using the word "nigger" in his books since the 70's quite racially and no one seems to have given him a hard time.


listen here katt williams, u talking about wheres the ghetto pass that tarantino has? Uh, u ever heard of THE WUTANG? Tarantino and The Rza are like brothers, QT is his mentor. Suffice it to say, CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME! goh with your 3 foot tall ass. lLOLOLL


QT: 6'1" – 220 lb
KW: 5'5" – 140 lb

Bad idea if Katt throws a punch.


Tarantino would smash his angry little 4 foot tall ass into the ground. This guy is a joke. I would love to see them cross paths.


Tarantino's character in Pulp Fiction way back in 94' used the N word in the movie, how come this comedian wasn't complaining about that?


So Williams painting all black people as pimps and hustlers in his stand-up is somehow better than a slavery movie using the N-word?

Ricardo Cantoral

Off topic but how does Williams have an IQ of 163 and not know that Jesus's birthday isn't December 25th ? Christmas is a pagan holiday.


I worked with Quentin on this. He was the coolest ever to evedyone on set. Funny guy needs to stay funny and shut his racist mouth.

django freeman

yall niggas are stupid…whats wrong with being entertained by a movie? so what if they say nigger. niggas that hate it are the niggas that make this world fucked up for everyone else. its a fucking movie. niggas nowadays are too insecure and too dependent of attention that its making america look stupid. cmon my niggz….you got BET! you got a whole damn channel where nothing else but black news and current events…and why everyone else still hates everyone else but being black is better…nigga please!!!!!


Sounds like fishing for publicity IMHO. It is a "HISTORICAL" fact that black men and women were referred to as such. Is Williams also going to take a poke at a history teacher?? How about Alex Haley and the producers of ROOTS? Seriously?

It is a unfortunate and bitter time in American history that needs to be displayed in it's context. If this generation does not understand why it is an offensive term and how it was once (and in some cases still) used, then how can they avoid repeating the same folly?

If Mr. Fox and Mr. Jackson are fine with the dialogue in the script I believe that is the litmus test we should follow.

Race relations in the US is still a serious issue in the 21st century and some "comedian" minimizing the importance of that struggle for publicity is reprehensible.


Love SLJ. I think he has a good rule of thumb. If you can't bring yourself to say a word, then you don't have any place to be asking about it.


I love how TMZ just rolls over Williams' intellectual accomplishments with brain dead "uh-huh", in order to get back to masturbating over the DREADED "N-WORD". Lame.

Bill Hicks

Williams has a point: Tarantino looks like a total bozo with his "Wu Wear" sweatshirt. He thinks he's black.

jake abSsi

Man why are black people so OK with demeaning them selves you gotta get this the word bigger does not mean a human with black skin dumbass I believe any clse minded ignorant individual from any race who doesn't understand his history and surrounded by people who tend to pressure said individual from obtaining a greater knowledge of themselves outside the medias portrayal of "OK" or "cool" is a bigger black white brown or bluecolor don't matter


I love Katt Williams but I'm really surprised he's mad at Tarantino. I never liked Tarantino's work before but I love Django Unchained. I'm 1/2 white, look white, grew up & now live in SE Texas. How else could he have portrayed slavery without the horrible language of the time? America still hasn't come to terms with our brutal-to-the-max past. I thought Tarantino was brilliant to make a movie that showed the horrors of slavery but was entertaining and even funny enough to get people to actually go see it. I was also surprised that Spike Lee wouldn't go see it. Actually, it's white people who need to see Django Unchained. My thought was: Who do white movie-goers identify with in the movie? If anyone actually identifies with the white people (except the 'dentist'), then go ahead and kill yourself now – we've had enough of that bad behavior. I generally don't use "the N word" – but plenty of people of all colors around here still do, many daily. But some whites who would "never" use "that word" would never spend time with Black people – and some people who would say that word a lot, would help Black people, share with Black people, care about Black people — so it's hard to make blanket statements about anything to do with race. We passed Civil Rights laws, but never had national discussions about our insanely brutal past or unscientific beliefs. Movies like Django Unchained are moving us along tho. And I thank Director Tarantino for the idea to trick people into seeing images that remain in the psyche of the US and need to be discussed. We are still torturing people today, except now in jail, prison and other countries…. and most of them are not "white". This country has a lot to discuss…


I never realized just how much of a nigger Katt Williams is..


Yeah, we need LESS of whites and blacks meeting on a common cultural ground in the form of a movie that everyone can enjoy. Where's Spike Lee and Oprah's filthy rich colleague and fellow entreprenour Tyler Perry?


Who the heck is Katt Williams?


Well, if you retake an IQ test every 6 months (The WAIS for example), then you are going to know what questions are on there and you will eventually having it memorized. Having the IQ test memorized does not mean you are smart. Example, just because black people could not read, it does not mean that spelling did not exist.


Hey, here's a brilliant idea; if you are offended or feel that you will be offended, DON'T GO SEE THE MOVIE. For fuck's sake…


Tell you what: Sam Jackson certainly appears to have one hell of a time being Sam Jackson! That was hilarious….

Kyle Harris

Hey Katt…You're such a f$ck*ng rascist…I hear Wal-Mart needs cart pushers. Why do black people always get so offended at a stupid word that has no meaning relevance to who they are as people. Geez…Whiners

Soledad Socorro

Katt Williams is creepy and clearly has anger issues. PEOPLE CAN SAY WHATEVER THE Fu#K they wanna say. MayB Katt has inner oppression issues. YOU ARE GROSS KATT.


awesome movie and what the hell fo you reckon they called african americans back then? ahaha, tarantino doesnt want to be black black wants to be tarantino ;) have a coke and a smile and shut the f#%k up ot get a life… peace my niggaz


This is getting sillier and sillier by the minute.


Williams is right about QT wanting to be black which is the only explanation of why he uses the word so much. Of course with this film, he gets a pass since it "is of the era." But Spike Lee was right to question the usage in his other films such as Jackie Brown. I mean QT has used the word in every single one of his films by both black characters and white. Seriously, what other white directors do this? The Coen Brothers didn't use the time period of O Brother to litter that film with the word. I don't buy that QT is just trying to be authentic. What was the line from Reservoir Dogs? "You've had so much nigger cum up your ass it is clogging your ears." Or something like that.


I kind of can't wait until this movie is out of theaters and we don't have to hear QT talk for another couple of years


Is Quentin Tarantino gonna hafta choke a nigger?

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