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Kenneth Branagh In Talks To Replace Mark Romanek On ‘Cinderella,’ Cate Blanchett Still On Board

Kenneth Branagh In Talks To Replace Mark Romanek On 'Cinderella,' Cate Blanchett Still On Board

There was a time when Kenneth Branagh was best known for his Shakespeare adaptations, but he’s always had a tentpole heart it seems. Going all the way back to 1994’s “Frankenstein,” which seemed like an anomaly at the time, he’s shown a knack for big screen spectacle, and after helming “Thor” he took the gig directing “Jack Ryan.” Unlikely? Maybe, but once again, Branagh is ready to play with a lot of money and special effects.

Three weeks after Mark Romanek exited Disney‘s “Cinderellaover differences about his cash and his vision for the movie, Vulture reports that Branagh is in negotiations to step in. Late last fall, it was reported that Cate Blanchett was lined up to play the evil stepmother, and for now, she’s still on board. Though we’d reckon that’s likely contingent on the fall start date, which Disney is hoping they can keep, if they can sign on Branagh fast enough. However, his press duties for “Jack Ryan” may be a factor as to whether or not he can take the gig, particularly as Paramount will want him around to promote the movie, set to open on Christmas Day.

In short: we shall see. Saoirse Ronan, Alicia Vikander and Gabriella Wilde were in the running for the title part, and we presume they still are, but we’d wager a decision won’t be made until a director is locked down. Chris Weitz has done the latest pass on the script originally drafted by Aline Brosh McKenna.

Will Branagh’s foot fit the glass slipper for this project? Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

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Alan B

This seems like a desperate attempt to pacify Blanchett. Disney wants a filmmaker that will excite her enough to keep her aboard the project and also understands how to craft populist entertainment. Branagh seems to fit the bill. He's a respected director who appreciates the importance of performance, given that he's also an actor, and has newfound box office kudos thanks to 'Thor'. However, he's also busy and has other projects, so it is difficult to see how he'll be able to fit the project into his schedule.


Let's hope the film isn't rote, has an interesting angle, and features proper set design instead of that CGI crap from Alice in Wonderland.


Blanchett and Branagh! Amazing! Hope Cinderella is cast well. and yes, it would be awesome to see twins as the steps sisters. but they weren't in the other disney version. does that matter?


Would be awesome if they cast twins as the step sisters.

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