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Kenyan Martial Arts – Watch Award-Winning Short Film ‘Simiyu Samurai’

Kenyan Martial Arts - Watch Award-Winning Short Film 'Simiyu Samurai'

Ok, so, let me just say that it’s not great; but I do appreciate the effort. It’s not exactly everyday that I come across Kenyan martial arts flicks.

Directed by Robby Bresson and starring Ryan Mbatia, Simiyu Samurai is about a Kenyan, trained in Japan, who is forced to return to Kenya, after that Japan suffers a terrible tsunamis.

Simiyu Samurai is Africa’s latest Action Hero. The Unassuming Simiyu loses his Parents in the recent Tsunami and is forced to leave Japan and go live with his Grandmother his only surving relative in Kenya. Life in Rural Kenya proves challenging when he comes in direct conflict with a group of thugs who controll the local market.

What follows below is a 22-minute short film, although my research tells me that the filmmakers may have initially been going for something episodic.

However, it won several awards at The Kalasha Film and Television Awards in Kenya last month, presented by The Kenya Film Commission.

Watch Simiyu Samurai below:

SIMIYU SAMURAI from robby bresson on Vimeo.

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Thank you guys for your comments and constructive criticism. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and that was ours. Looking to bigger and better things from here on out

Clayton Broomes

Like everyone here is saying, I truly appreciate the effort. As both a filmmaker and a martial artist, I know what it would take to make such a film and it's not easy. And I doubt whether it gets any easier in Africa. I'm making a film right now in NY that will feature a woman in her 60's doing some martial arts of her own. And guess who has to teach her? Well, I am cheaper, so, why not? But my main issues with the film, outside of how amateurish it looks, is the martial arts. I train in aikido, which comes from Samurai culture. You can even see me training my lead actress here: (production for Grey Dawn starts Feb 11th). The techniques the actor in this film used was more Kung-Fu. Like what AKIM SYMS rightfully said, samurai is from Japanese culture, and his clothes are from Chinese culture, just like his fighting style, which, again looks more like Kung Fu. He should've been walking around with a Hakama, and a judo gi, or something like what they were wearing regularly in The Last Samurai. The only thing close to samurai lineage in this guy's fighting style was when he caught the hand of the guy on the bus. You can liken that to a nikkyo technique in aikido-jujitsu. Everything else did not look very samurai at all. And those so-called bokkens he was training with against his Sensei looked ridiculous. I have never seen anyone of Japanese culture train with bokkens that looked like that, not in Aikido, Kendo or Jo-do. I have a bokken. I'm looking at it right now as I type this. Those things in this film looked like Hockey sticks of some kind. So, that's about it. Again, I'm glad they went for something different.


I'm very proud of their effort.. it take vision to attempt any film at all.. I also like the write in of the ending .choose your poison. the women were sexy. Well not so much gradma .lol keep up the good work.. And he did have some fighting skills…


The lead actress was gorgeous! Can't say much about everything else. E for effort! Go Kenya!!!

Akym Sims

Even though the production isn't that great, 'samurai' is from Japanese culture, his clothes are from Chinese culture, and he uses Thai boxing moves, I really hope this takes off. I like it but the BIG catch is the cliffhangers where you can text in a option for what you want to see on the next episode, a very cool "choose-your-own-adventure" style.

D.C. Kirkwood

I enjoyed this very much. I like the fact that they atleast attempted to make sure the movie had a plot and gave us some background before the fighting started. It was amateurish but I appreciate the effort as well. Thanks for posting.

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