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Malik Yoba, Cedric The Entertainer, Vivica A. Fox, Bokeem Woodbine Are ‘Caught On Tape’

Malik Yoba, Cedric The Entertainer, Vivica A. Fox, Bokeem Woodbine Are 'Caught On Tape'

Check out Malik YobaCedric The Entertainer, Vivica A. Fox, Bokeem WoodbineKirkSticky FingazJones, and David Marciano in the trailer for this hip-hop musical drama feature titled Caught On Tape, directed by Fingaz.

A young boy, a video camera, and a bank robbery gone wrong, set the stage for this hip-hop musical drama. With nothing to go on but video footage, Detectives Roberts (Malik Yoba) and Detectives Brown (David Marciano) try to piece together the crime by interrogating the one surviving crewmember Mark (Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones). As the inquiries build, pieces start to come together, and the story unfolds, inadvertently revealing a major conspiracy to the heist, when Mark finds out he was, “Caught on Tape,” or was he?

The film is set to be released on DVD on February 5, 2013.

On paper (with this group as well as the synopsis), this sounds like it could be a good idea, and something I actually would be curious about. Too bad that the below trailer just doesn’t quite sell it. Not for me anyway.

Maybe it’ll work for you (by the way, this is the second hip-hop musical from Sticky Fingaz that I’m aware of):

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Funny that people on this site think white Hollywood is keeping their stories from being told, while this has been such a large percentage of the quality of films coming from black auteurs.


Cheap, home movie quality video full of stereotypes. Was that Kel Mitchell looking busted up in the last 15 seconds of the clip? This looks like a parody.


sticky's last film had all rhyming dialogue also"day in the life"

thought it was a wack idea, but film wasn't that bad…caught it one night on a free preview channel strzblack…


They are rapping/rhyming some of the dialogue. This should be interesting to say the least. The VO is funny as hell though. Is it a comedy or a drama, I'm not sure. Anyway, I like blaxploitation movies. Bring it on.


I must've missed the part in the trailer when they get into a time machine and transport back to the blacksploitation era.


I'm sorry, but that was hysterical. I take it it was shot over a weekend when everybody had some free time


I think somebody lost a dare

D.C. Kirkwood

Boheem is the worst actor Ive ever seen. Ive said it many times before. I cant stand to hear him talk. He has a great agent but anything he's in turns out horrible. Just watch him Total Recall. Enough said.


Oh… My… God… *Eyes wide staring at the screen*

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