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Michael Moore: Zero Dark Thirty is a Movie About ‘How We Don’t Listen to Women.’

Michael Moore: Zero Dark Thirty is a Movie About 'How We Don't Listen to Women.'

Always controversial and rarely quiet political filmmaker and author, Michael Moore, has spoken out in defense of Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty.

Moore took to Facebook (and, writing a long piece in defense of the film, taking the position that the film does not advocate torture like many are saying, but instead how good, old detective work can have excellent results.

While Moore mainly focuses on the torture debate in regards to Zero Dark Thirty—he has a brief, but spot on rumination on the topic of gender in the film—both in the context of the film itself and in a larger societal context—the fact that men don’t listen to women.

Oh – and girl. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ – a movie made by a woman (Kathryn Bigelow), produced by a woman (Megan Ellison), distributed by a woman (Amy Pascal, the co-chairman of Sony Pictures), and starring a woman (Jessica Chastain) is really about how an agency of mostly men are dismissive of a woman who is on the right path to finding bin Laden. Yes, guys, this is a movie about how we don’t listen to women, how hard it is for them to have their voice heard even in these enlightened times. You could say this is a 21st century chick flick – and it would do you well to see it.

Just another loud voice weighing in on the issue surrounding the ongoing Zero Dark Thirty debate.

In Defense of Zero Dark Thirty (Michael Moore)

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Dr Shakil Afridi, a Pakistani, identified Ben Laden, not some prim little college grad CIA bitch.


What a fucking hypocrite michael moore is he was on a panel i seen on youtube somewhere .They were talking about movies like this.I specifically remember that he called bigelows films starting with hurt locker "torture porn".

John Doe

You want a real reason why zero dark thirty is getting so much buzz? Because nobody saw how bin laden got taken down, no news, no nothing, just a small report and hooplah without a detailed breakdown. It doesn't matter that this movie conflates tons of events and makes jennifer ehle's character jessica look like a desperate imbecile (which she wasnt and the movie is total shit for portraying her that way), it doesnt matter that the main character started hunting bin laden in the 90s, you just see what you want to believe is true, you're not even questioning it, its no wonder football players can get away with having fake dead girlfriends, you people don't do any kind of fact checking ever. You guys are lauding fan fiction as fact which on more that a few levels is baffeling.


Bullshit. The Zero Dark Thirty TORTURE SCANDAL files:

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