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‘Misfits’ Renewed For 8-Episode 5th Season; Will Debut Late 2013

'Misfits' Renewed For 8-Episode 5th Season; Will Debut Late 2013

You can watch season 4 of the hit Brit series, Misfits, on Hulu right now, if you haven’t been keeping up, and catch up before season 5, which the UK’s TVWise is reporting exclusively has been ordered by E4.

TVWise states that season 5, which will comprise of 8 total episodes, will air in late 2013, adding that although viewership has dropped a bit from season 3, a renewal for season 5 isn’t a big surprise.

Season 4 returned to Channel 4 in the UK, in October, airing on Hulu in the USA a day after episodes aired in the UK, which excited fans Stateside, because it meant, no more waiting for months.

The provocative, outstanding series which proves that superpowers, hormones and court-ordered community service can be an entertaining combo is written and created by Howard Overman (Merlin), and continues to earn international acclaim.

Season 4 saw the return of Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) and Seth (Matthew McNulty), and new heroes, Jess (Karla Crome) and Finn (Nathan McMullen).

For season 5? We’ll see…

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I know this is an old post but I really want Season 6 to start soon. If not renewed, please renew now!!!! New characters, old characters….current characters I don’t care bc I have grown to lobe them all!!! Such a smart, well written and timely show. Very addicting!


It never fails, when there's a good product (food, show etc.) it gets snatched from under you. I can understand possibly wanting to work on other projects but why mess with a good thing and cancel the show. It was already difficult trying to make the change from the original cast (which I absolutely loved) but I adjusted and couldn't wait for the next episode to be released. THIS SHOW IS THE ONLY REASON I SUBSCRIBED TO HULU. Oh well, I know nothing last forever, I just don't understand why they wouldn't want to keep a great thing going. Misfits you will be missed the U.S. loves you.


Ok, so misfits series 5 episode 1 aired wed. Oct, 23, 2013 it hasn't been put on hulu . When will it be?


I would seriously do anything for Nathan to come back, and if Simon did it would be great too!
The show's nothing without Nathan, I don't find it funny anymore. I also couldnt watch the 4th series with different characters.. PLEASE EVERYONE WANTS HIM BACK! I miss watching him, he's so attractive and funny, perfect guy I would say..


Keep it coming, this is picking up speed in the US too. Love this show.


One of my favorite shows of all time I love it!!! I have watched the series through and again about 5 times it just never gets old!! I need! NEED! Season 5 DAMMIT!


Late 2013!!! That's so far away… That sucks! Thanks for the update at least though. Been searching all over for when it was coming back. PLEASE don't cancel! As much as I miss the original cast, I still LOVE the show, which says a lot for changing the cast so much after building up such rapport with them to the viewers! Looking forward to Misfits Season 5, 6, 7 and more!

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