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NBC’s Revolution Elects Woman President

NBC's Revolution Elects Woman President

NBC drama, Revolution, has elected a new president, and unlike most TV shows and films, this one is a woman.

Former 24 actress, Leslie Hope, has been cast as President Foster, the tough and experienced leader of the Georgia Federation, a rival of The Monroe Republic, where the action for the season thus far has been set. Hope’s multi-episode arc will air in the second half of the season.

Revolution is one of the few television shows to have a female president. It follows in the footsteps of the Geena Davis drama, Commander in Chief, which aired for one season on ABC in 2005.  Update: We were reminded that we forgot Cherry Jones who played the President on 24.  We’re betting that if Commander in Chief was on TV now, it would last a bit longer.  Maybe Hope’s character will have a longer presidential TV life.

‘Revolution’ scoop: ’24’ actress aast as president (Entertainment Weekly)

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JJ Goode

I liked her in 24, and she’ll probably fit right in with Revolution’s solid cast. I can’t wait for new episodes to return, and most of my DISH coworkers have already started gossiping about it again. I’ve been indulging my nostalgia with the first half of the season’s episodes, and I’ll be saving the rest of the season, too. My DISH Hopper is great when it comes to saving everything I want; the hard drive stores up to 2,000 hours of entertainment, so I don’t have to be picky with my lineup like my last DVR forced me to do.


Yes, that true. Cherry Jones played the president on 24. But, that's right, a lot TV shows and films have male presidents.


It also follows 24, which elected a female president in 2009!

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